Nicole Boyd Margera, Bam’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nicole Boyd Margera Instagram page

Instagram/Nicole Boyd

Former Jackass star Bam Margera’s second wife Nicole Boyd is a photographer and actress who gave birth to the couple’s first child in December 2017. Just two weeks after Phoenix Wolfe was born to the couple, Margera, 38, was arrested and accused of drunk driving in California, TMZ reported. The gossip site says that Margera slowed down to talk to California Highway Patrol officers who were in the process of arresting someone else. When the cops got the whiff of booze from Margera’s car, TMZ says the professional skateboarder was taken into custody.

Margera was released on January 8 after posting a $15,000 bail. His battles with alcohol in the past has been well publicized. In 2017, Margera began to speak publicly about his new lease of life since becoming sober. Margera’s close friend, Ryan Dunn, was killed in a drunk driving accident in 2011.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Couple Was Married in an Elaborate Wedding in Iceland in 2013

The couple married in Reykjavik, Iceland, at the Random Hero Festival in October 2013. The festival was being held to raise money for a new skate park in Iceland, reported US Weekly at the time. That US report described Boyd’s dress as a “sexy white lace gown with pearl beading and a low-cut back.” Two years later on his return to Iceland, Margera was knocked unconscious after a fight with a group of Icelandic rappers, reported Vice.

Nicole Boyd Facebook page

Facebook/Nicole Boyd

On December 22 2017, Margera uploaded photos of Boyd with the couple’s son, Phoenix Wolf, shortly after his birth. One showed Boyd hugging her new son while another showed Margera’s father, Phil, looking on at his new grandson. Just prior to the birth, Margera had uploaded a video to Instagram showing his wife in a hospital bed with Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” played in the background. The couple announced they were expecting in June 2017 in a simple Instagram post of Boyd showing off her baby bump accompanied with the caption, “Pregnant!” In October 2017, Margera told that the baby had been “kicking a lot.”

Margera told People Magazine in September 2017 that the couple settled on the name Phoenix Wolfe. He said, “the name Phoenix just kind of followed [the couple] around. I said and everybody liked it, so we stuck with that.” The report adds that Margera and Boyd met at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California, during a CKY concert.

2. Boyd & Margera Now Live in Spain Together

Boyd and Margera have relocated to Barcelona, Spain, where Margera works on his sobriety. Margera told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he went to Spain initially to skate in a place where wouldn’t be as easily recognized. He wrote on Instagram in January 2017, “I am in Spain. I prefer to skate more. Don’t wanna go home yet.” When asked about skating and his son, Margera told People Magazine, “It’ll be fun teaching him how to skate. I have mixed feelings about teaching him my stupid Jackass stunts.”

3. Boyd Got Her Own DUI in 2016

Nicole Boyd Bam Margera Wife

Instagram/Nicole Boyd

In May 2016, Boyd was arrested West Chester, Pennsylvania, after getting into an accident while under the influence, reported TMZ. Boyd was driving a Porsche when she collided with a Hyundai, as Margera’s wife was accused of running a red light. The other driver was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries as both cars were towed from the scene. Boyd failed a DUI test at the scene, TMZ says. The car that Boyd was driving was the same Porsche Panamera that Margera crashed in in 2011.

A few months later, in August 2016, Margera was arrested after a drunken fight with Boyd in a restaurant in Finland, according to TMZ.

4. Boyd Says She Works as an Actor at ‘Pennsylvania’s Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction’

According to her Facebook page, Boyd is an actress at Pennsylvania’s “Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction,” Pennhurst Asylum. Boyd writes in her bio on Facebook, “I am me and that’s all I know how and want to be.” That page also says that Boyd works at an holistic health store, The Prana House, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. On an alternative Facebook page, Boyd goes by the name Veronica Nikki Margera. That page says she’s originally from La Mirada, California.

5. Boyd & Margera Were Married Less Than a Year After He Had Gotten a Divorce From His First Wife, Melissa Rothstein

Margera was married less than a year after his divorce was finalized from Melissa “Missy” Rothstein, his childhood friend. Their relationship and 2007 wedding was covered in Margera’s MTV series, Bam’s Unholy Union. Rothstein was filmed alongside Margera as he openly sobbed at the site where his friend Ryan Dunn was killed in 2011. Margera told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he and Rothstein are still friends and that alcohol contributed to their divorce.

In 2010, Margera told Howard Stern in an interview that he had split from Rothstein, though the maintained some kind of relationship. Margera said that Rothstein knew he had other girlfriends. Before Rothstein, Margera was in a long-term relationship with Jenn Rivell. The couple broke off their engagement in 2005 after which Margera got a Protection of Abuse from Rivell when she allegedly broke into his house.