Bekah (M.) Martinez Hides Her Age on ‘The Bachelor’

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Bekah Martinez, who is known as Bekah M. on The Bachelor, is the youngest on the show this season, but 36-year-old star Arie Luyendyk isn’t aware of her age … yet. Martinez is a bit of a free spirit and resembles a young, dark-haired Marilyn Monroe (in my opinion). But, she’s a bit on the young side, which might play a part in her fate on the show, since this whole thing is supposed to end with a forever ring. Usually on the show, when a contestant is speaking directly to the camera, their name and age usually flashes on the screen. In Martinez’s case, her age has not been displayed. From night one, her age has not been revealed to viewers on the small screen, so clearly it was done in order to become a bit of a storyline for Martinez. Now, before we get into Martinez’s fate on the show, her background and her first solo date with Luyendyk, THIS IS YOUR WARNING. If you do NOT want to know any spoilers, STOP READING NOW.

Martinez is 22 years old and on tonight’s episode, ABC’s plot description states, “The vivacious Bekah M. joins Arie for what should be a special day as they nestle in each other’s arms in a secluded hot tub in the woods. However, at a romantic dinner Bekah M. shares a stunning revelation about herself. Will Arie be able to look past this admission to continue their budding relationship or is this the end of the road for the lovebirds?” According to Reality Steve, her age does not affect her getting a rose on her date tonight. So, Martinez is still in the mix a bit longer on the show.

Unfortunately for Martinez fans, she is not the winner this season and she does not make it to the final four either, as reported by Reality Steve. So, who is the winner? Well, for those who want to know, keep reading and for those who DO NOT want to know the winner, TURN BACK NOW.

The winner this season is a Becca, but it’s not this Bekah. Becca Kufrin is the winner this season and is engaged to Arie Luyendyk, according to Reality Steve.

With that news out of the way, let’s get to know a little more about Martinez and what she does when she isn’t on the show. One thing that she’s gotten some heat for online is for posting photos with unshaven armpits. According to Reality Steve, she is a bit of a “hippie chick”, enjoys the outdoors, and doesn’t often wear bras. In addition, she doesn’t believe in wearing real fur. In a recent Instagram post, she wrote, “I don’t eat OR wear animals! and for those of you who criticize the fur industry but still eat factory-farmed meat/dairy/eggs… i suggest you do a little research. #endALLanimalcruelty”

Though Martinez is young, when ABC asked what her goal is for the next five years, she included getting married and having kids in her answer. She also said that she hopes to teach art to children or own an art studio in the future. Currently, she works as a nanny, so it definitely sounds like she likes kids. This could be a sign that just because she is young, it doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to start a family.