Kelsi Taylor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kelsi Taylor, Dane Cook

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45-year-old Dane Cook is quite smitten with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor.

Cook has a long list of ex-girlfriends, many of whom are Hollywood A-listers. That said, many have accused Cook of being a serial womanizer as well as making misogynistic and disrespectful comments about women during his stand-up routines. “That’s comedy right there. That’s a joke. If you’ve known any of the women I’ve dated, I’ve dated some very empowered women,” Cook responded in an interview published by The Huffington Post. Has Cook changed his alleged womanizing ways and learned to treat his partners with respect?

Despite the couple’s 26-year age difference, Dane and Kelsi seem to be making it work. So, who is Kelsi Taylor, and why is Dane so incredibly happy?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kelsi is a Singer & an Actress.

Kelsi has experience as a backup singer, most notably for Demi Lovato, and she has also gained attention after putting together beautiful covers of Sam Smith and Norah Jones songs. Now, she’s emerging as a solo artist.

Who is one of Kelsi’s biggest fans? You guessed it – Dane. Cook tweeted the following in support of Kelsi. “My girl @itskelsitaylor is one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s a talented singer but more importantly, she’s a genuine person. Check out her music and get to know her. She’s gonna go far!”

“If ever you’re interested in checking out Taylor’s music and getting a feel for her voice when she’s not singing backup, she also has a SoundCloud page that features mostly covers of popular songs like Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” and Sam Smith’s “Leave Your Lover.” Her page is a few years old, and it appears as though she hasn’t uploaded anything new in the last two months, but that could be for any reason, like a busy schedule or that she’s currently working on some original music. Either way, hopefully the experience she’s already gotten in the industry will lead her to exploring music even further and releasing some new projects in the future. The same thing goes for her experience in acting,” writes Bustle.

Kelsi also enjoys acting and has appeared in films such as The Funny Bunch and Alchemy according to her imdb page.

Kelsi was born and raised in Southern California, and still lives there today. She enjoys traveling the world with Dane; the two recently shared romantic photos of their trip to Hawaii together.

2. Kelsi & Dane Have Been Dating For Over a Year

Kelsi and Dane have been dating “quietly” for over a year. In other words, they became involved when Kelsi was 18 and Dane was 44. It’s unknown how the couple managed to keep their relationship under the radar for so long.

However, at this point, Kelsi and Dane are not being shy about being together. They regularly post pictures of each other on Twitter and have become very public about the fact that they are dating.

As far as how they met, that remains a mystery. Some have speculated that Kelsi may have been underage, which is why so little is known about their early relationship. Or, it could merely be because Kelsi and Dane are keeping some things private.

3. Dane is Completely Enamored With Kelsi, Calling Her a ‘Gift’

Celebrity Insider reports as follows:

Dane Cook appears to be living by his own rules and accomplishing his own version of “relationship goals.” Dane is now dating Kelsi Taylor, a 19-year-old aspiring musician who is 26 years younger than him. The 45-year-old comedian recently took to social media to share a post showing himself with his new belle. Under the photo, he captioned it, “Be a warrior, not a worrier” and used the hashtag, “#relationshipgoals.” Cook added he is grateful to his friends and family who have followed him since the beginning and provided unwavering support even through the difficult years.

Dane seems to genuinely love and respect Kelsi, constantly praising her musical talent and drive.

26-year age difference or not, perhaps Cook has met his match.

4. Dane Has Been In Several High Profile Relationships

“The actor, who has co-starred in movies with Kate Hudson and Jessica Simpson, was previously romantically linked to Julianne Hough and Racquel Houghton,” reports People.

Who has Kelsi dated? That remains largely unknown. If Kelsi had any boyfriends before Dane, it would most likely have been while she was still in high school.

5. Kelsi Seems to Have Lifted Dane’s Spirits During a Rough Time in His Career

Dane Cook skyrocketed to stardom as a standup comedian and actor and was at the top of his game, commanding exorbitant amounts of money for his appearances.

Dane Cook – One Night Standfunny2008-10-17T01:50:59.000Z

However, Dane’s career has plateaued in recent years. Cook’s fall from grace was swift and brutal. He was accused of everything from being obnoxious and disrespectful on set to stealing other comics’ jokes. “With his movie-star good looks and broad material, Cook is viewed by his comedian peers as a lightweight pretty boy who got lucky. SNL vet Jim Breuer told Today in 2006, Not one comedian comes on [my Sirius Radio show] and says I’m so happy for him, which is weird. They can’t stand this poor guy. The joke stealing controversy hasn’t helped—Cook revealed to Marc Maron on a 2010 episode of the WTF podcast that he feels excluded from the rest of the comedy community,” Looper elaborates in an article about the fall of Cook’s career.

The Real Reason Why Hollywood Dumped Dane CookIf you're new, Subscribe! → As one of a handful of comics who made the jump straight from the stage to the movie screen, comedian-actor Dane Cook was everywhere during the mid '00s. From touring stadiums with his raunchy brand of comedy and appearing in films opposite Hollywood stars, he was on fire. But…2017-05-11T11:00:02.000Z

That said, it appears that Kelsi has restored Cook’s confidence and given him a new outlook on life, as US Weekly explains.

In another post on Cook’s Twitter page, Cook writes to “be a warrior, not a worrier.” Wise words to live by.

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