Felicitas Rombold, Daniel Brühl’s Wife: Five Fast Facts You Need to Know

Felicitas Romboldt & Daniel Bruhl, wife, girlfriend, couple.

Getty Images Felicitas Romboldt & Daniel Bruhl.

Daniel Brühl is a German-Spanish actor who has been gaining critical acclaim for his brilliant performance in “The Alienist.” However, many have become far more intrigued and fascinated by his other half, Felicitas Rombold, the striking brunette often seen by his side at premieres.

So, what do we know about Brühl’s muse who helped him to prepare for his role in the hit series, who is also the mother of his child?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rombold Enjoyed a Successful Career as a Model

Daniel Bruhl wife girlfriend

Getty ImagesFelicitas Rombold & Daniel Bruhl

The blue-eyed brunette enjoyed great commercial success on the catwalk and in various high-fashion magazines. She also helps her partner to feel more comfortable on the red carpet, explains USA Today, as he still does not feel that he quite belongs in the Hollywood scene. While Rombold enjoyed her time on the catwalk, she left to pursue her true passion: academia.

2. Rombold is An Accomplished, Respected Academic

Daniel Bruhl wife girlfriend Felicitas Rombold

GettyFelicitas Rombold & Daniel Bruhl

Daniel Bruhl told Page Six that he drove his wife nuts while preparing for his role as a psychologist in “The Alienist.” Bruhl was not joking; Rombold is indeed an accomplished, practicing psychotherapist.

As if that were not impressive enough, Rombold is currently pursuing her PhD. You can check out her current research projects, papers and accomplishments through Research Gate.

3. Rombold Is Also An Actress

Daniel Bruhl wife girlfriend Felicitas Rombold

Getty ImagesFelicitas Rombold & Daniel Bruhl

As if being a scholar, a model, a mother and a world traveler weren’t enough, Rombold has also acted on Broadway. You can check out her official Broadway bio here.

4. Rombold is a World Traveler

Daniel Bruhl wife girlfriend Felicitas Rombold

Getty ImagesFelicitas Rombold & Daniel Bruhl

Rombold was a world traveler long before she met Bruhl. Her academic pursuits allowed her to travel extensively through Europe, and her time as a model left her with a well-stamped passport. Like Bruhl, Rombold grew up in a multilingual household.

5. Rombold & Bruhl Have a Son Together

Daniel Bruhl girlfriend wife Felicitas Rombold

Getty ImagesFelicitas Rombold & Daniel Bruhl

Rombold and Bruhl are extremely guarded about their private lives, but it has been confirmed that the two are the proud parents of a baby boy. Rombold and Bruhl are raising their son in a multilingual household, much like their own upbringing. Siver Times reports that Rombold and Bruhl both find parenthood to be a beautiful experience.