Is ‘This Is Us’ on TV Tonight?

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NBC This Is Us -- Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth

This Is Us fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to find out how Jack dies, but unfortunately, they’re going to have to wait until Sunday.

This Is Us will not air tonight. Instead, a new episode of the hit NBC show will air after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, at 10:15pm ET/PT.

NBC is well-aware that fans have been waiting two years for Sunday’s episode, and as some may already know, the episode itself revolves around the Super Bowl. In the words of USA Today, the episode will feature one “gut-wrenching” Super Bowl flashback (we can all guess what that’ll be), but it will center on the three siblings who are watching the Super Bowl in the present.

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Last week, we learned that a crock-pot started the fire that we think is responsible for Jack’s death. Since then, a number of fan theories have attempted to unravel the mystery.

Perhaps the most popular fan theory is that Jack died trying to save Kate’s dog. This would explain why Kate has such baggage when it comes to canines and why she has such a strong reaction to the idea of adopting a dog for Toby.

Another theory, recently proposed by Cosmo, is that Jack died trying to save Kevin. The outlet notes how on the night of the Super Bowl (in a flashback) Kevin fights with his parents and says he’s going to watch the Super Bowl with his girlfriend, Sophie. Kevin later calls his mom to say he’s not going to come home, but he apologizes for what happened. Rebecca then doesn’t tell Jack that Kevin’s not sleeping at home! Cosmo has pieced together that only Rebecca knows Kevin isn’t coming home, and it’s possible that when the house is ablaze, Jack runs back in trying to save Kevin, who’s not even there.

In other news, fans had a bit of a freak out last week after reading into an encounter between Randall and Kevin. At one point in last week’s episode, Randall explains that their dad has been dead “longer than we had him.” He went on to say he can’t even picture himself as an old man. Kevin then tells Randall, “[Y]ou’re not going anywhere anytime soon, right?… You got your health, you got a beautiful family… You got a tough-as-nails, kick-ass wife who literally will not let you die on her. You’re not going anywhere.”

After this exchange, the Twittersphere went into a frenzy, fearing that the show’s writers are going to kill off Randall. Fans don’t need to worry just yet, though. Randall, and Sterling K. Brown, aren’t going anywhere for a while. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Dan Fogelman said, “I can assure everybody that we’re not killing Randall this season, so everybody can relax. I think they would burn my house down. I’ve experienced with a lot of friends, when you’ve lost a parent, particularly for whatever reason a parent of the same sex —a guy losing his father or a girl losing her mother early — there can be a slight mortality clock that kicks in a bit earlier than it does on other people, especially since it was formative. And I think that’s something Randall and Kevin feel.”

Fogelman elaborated on the moment a bit, too, saying he had a different interpretation of it. “Watching that scene between Randall and Kevin, the hairs on my arms go up more for Kevin, how assuredly he talks to Randall about how you’re never gonna die but doesn’t say anything about himself… We’re not [hinting at] anybody’s death, but it’s always interesting the way that people view their own mortality.”

This episode is gearing up to be the most emotional to date, and seeing as how This Is Us already tugs at the heartstrings, it’ll be one you won’t want to miss.

Be sure to check out an all-new episode of This Is Us airing after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, at 10:15pm ET/PT on NBC.