Brad Ashenfelter – Who Is Kesha’s Supportive Boyfriend?

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Singer Kesha has made quite the comeback with her single “Praying,” which she will perform tonight at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Accompanied by stars Camila Cabello, Cyndi Lauper, Julia Michaels and Andra Day, Kesha will take the stage and deliver the heartfelt song that was reportedly inspired by Kesha’s battle against Dr. Luke. Kesha had accused Dr. Luke of physically, emotionally and sexually abusing for years, according to TMZ. Dr. Luke denied the claims. Kesha and Dr. Luke engaged in lawsuits against each other, but Kesha did not end up with the outcome she probably would have hoped for … According to Teen Vogue, her case ended up being dismissed. In the judge’s verdict, he stated that, “Although [Luke’s] alleged actions were directed to Kesha, who is female, [her claims] do no allege that [Luke] harbored animus toward women or was motivated by gender animus when he allegedly behaved violently toward Kesha. Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime.” This ruling was made in April 2016 and several major stars jumped to support Kesha after the verdict was released. Adele and Taylor Swift are just a couple of Kesha’s supporters, according to Rolling Stone.

So, who has been the man supporting Kesha through all of this? Brad Ashenfelter has reportedly been dating the music artist since 2014 and even was by her side visiting her when she went to rehab.
According to Us Weekly
, Kesha and her man met through her stylist, who was dating Ashenfelter’s friend at the time. Ashenfelter is a writer who contributes to a site called The Inertia. His bio on the site gives us some background on how he grew up and more about who he is. His bio states, “Brad was born and raised in the Garden state and now resides in Los Angeles. He claims that pizza and good sandwiches can only be found is his native New Jersey. Brad isn’t much of a surfer, but he appreciates all things water. He spends the majority of his income on compact discs and records much to the befuddlement of loved ones and friends.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kesha talked about how she first got together with Ashenfelter. She explained, “He kissed me, and it was the nicest kiss I ever had. I was like, ‘Wow, you’re such a pure soul. Holy s–t.’ And I knew from that moment, ‘I gotta hold on to you.'”

Together, Kesha and her man live in a house in Venice, with their three cats, Charlie, Mr. Peeps and Queso. A few months ago “a source” told Life & Style Magazine that Kesha and Ashenfelter were going to be getting married over the holiday season, but unless they kept their nuptials a secret, the report is totally false. The source also said that Ashenfelter is great for Kesha, explaining that, “He really stepped up. He’s not looking for fame, and he loves her unconditionally. They’re really a perfect fit. If it were up to Brad, he would walk her down the aisle today … Kesha wants to live her life to the fullest. She wants to have a husband and a family, make music, collaborate with some of her idols and empower other women who don’t have the platform she has.”

In preparation for her performance tonight, Kesha wrote the following message on her Instagram account, “When I wrote praying, with Ben Abraham and Ryan Lewis, I just felt as if I had gotten a huge weight off of my shoulders. It felt like an emotional raw victory for myself, one step closer to healing. I never could have known what would’ve happened these past few years. I just want to say that I needed this song in a very real way, I’m so proud and nervous and overwhelmed to be performing it at the Grammys on Sunday, and if you need it I hope this song finds you.” Tune in to the 2018 Grammys tonight to see Kesha participate in an emotional performance.

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