‘Riverdale’ Season 2 Episode 12: Fans Celebrate with the Best Bughead Memes


CW Bughead

Riverdale’s Season 2 Episode 12 episode had one thing fans have been clamoring for: the return of Bughead. And now they’re sharing memes celebrating the end of drama that many fans never really wanted in the first place. Things are finally right in the world of Riverdale (at least for Jughead and Betty), and fans are celebrating this online. The rest of this story will contain spoilers for Season 2 Episode 12. 

Finally, Jughead and Betty are back to being #Bughead, but stronger now than ever before. They’ve admitted that they will be together pretty much forever, and that they’re lost without each other. Fans are ecstatic. I liked how Jughead admitted that things had gone terribly wrong ever since he broke up with Betty — and that the breakup was his first very wrong decision. That moment made fans ecstatic. Everyone knew the breakup was wrong and those two were much better off together than apart. But when were they going to figure it out for themselves? They finally did.

It’s obvious, after seeing Bughead split up, that Jughead and Betty are far better off together than apart. Jughead went overboard for the Serpents, to the point that even the Serpents weren’t too thrilled about his shenanigans. And Betty’s gone into this weird Dark Betty phase that is pretty much illegal. (Let’s not forget that she is a minor.) She’s going to land a lot of people in jail, including her brother. Both characters pretty much go off the rails if they don’t have the other to stay grounded.

On a more practical note, we’re finally going to see some of the town’s mysteries solved again too. Jughead and Betty are far better investigators than the police. The police have an agenda, but Bughead just wants to get to the truth.

Oh, and did you miss this little gem during the Serpents meeting?

I can’t help but wonder what Jughead is going to think about Chic when he finally meets him. And how he’s going to react to this whole murder plot. Who was the man that Betty found dead in her home? Did Alice kill him or did Chic? I’m leaning on Alice, since we’ve seen before that Alice has a dark side to her, and she’d likely go all mama bear to protect her kids.

But then, Bughead fans are a little more focused on other things right now besides the murder:

Oh, and don’t forget this line:

Bughead is pretty much for life, it seems. These two are destiny and are completely in love. It looks like fans are going to be forgiving the show for breaking them up.

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