Meet The Snowdens: Ashley Kapri and Dimitri Snowden on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’

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Seeking Sister Wife is a brand new reality series on the TLC network and it features plural families who are seeking, dating or transitioning in their relationships. Some are looking to add a new sister wife into their lives. When the show premieres, the Snowden family is coming back from a break up and on the hunt for a new sister wife. So, they turn to meeting someone online and worry about how their family members will respond to the idea.

According to TLC, the couple does not completely follow the Mormon faith and they have stayed away from legal marriage in order to be able to have an equal relationship with whoever their future wife may be. As the show begins, the Snowdens are living in Atlanta, Georgia with their young children and they recently experienced a plural relationship that did not end well. What they really hope for is to find a sister wife who wants to have children, especially since the couple recently had a third child.

So, why is a plural relationship appealing to the Snowdens? Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Kapri have agreed that a plural marriage would able Snowden to have the large family that he’s always wanted, according to In Touch. Snowden explained, “I don’t have a close family myself. My immediate family is all over the place, we’re not very tight. We didn’t really get to grow up together. So I want a noisy house, babies everywhere — I just want an epically big family.” Kapri’s opinion on the subject was that, “Part of the reason why having a sister wife is attractive to me is because I’m currently pregnant with my third and I think I’m at my capacity with three children.”

According to Kapri’s Instagram account, she is a lover of nature, writer, actress, dancer and educator. She has her own website and blogs short posts of photos, which include info on her family, interests and other life aspects. On her website, she describes herself as this, “Deeply connected to both the divine and the bravery of the human spirit. Learn to fly with me while discovering exactly why we exist on this beautiful Earth.”

Over the summer, Kapri wrote on her blog that she had been tossed some lemons in life lately. She then had advice for people dealing with haters in their lives. Kapri wrote, “Stay the course, have patience, determination, and trust that the universe will provide you the tools to overcome NATURALLY and VICTORIOUSLY. Don’t make your own karma come for your head by exacting revenge. Simply heal your crops and wounds, and keep your circle safe with goodness only.” Perhaps Kapri and Snowden could use this advice in dealing with the criticism Seeking Sister Wife has already received from people on social media, who don’t approve of plural relationships.

The new show premieres tonight on TLC at 10:08 p.m. ET/PT. So tune in to watch the Snowdens, along with two other families, who are seeking to add more family into their lives.

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