Brothers Steven and Justin Assanti Back on ‘My 600 lb. Life’

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Brothers Steven and Justin Assanti were introduced to TLC viewers last season on My 600 lb. Life. Now, the two are back for the season 6 premiere tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT. In the first episode of the two-part show from season 5 for the brothers, they are introduced as Steve, weighing well over 700 pounds, and Justin at nearly 600 pounds. In order to help, their father, Steven Sr., actually facilitates a trip across the country to seek out weight loss assistance. For part 2 of the episode, TLC stated, “After a year on a weight loss program, Steven remains completely non-compliant and Justin focuses on a new career instead of his diet, but time is quickly running out for surgery.”

Tonight, the brothers return to the small screen once again and the official My 600 lb. Life episode description reads, “Steven Assanti’s dysfunction escalates, pushing his relationship with Dr. Nwzaradan to the brink; a risky decision is made to save Steven’s life; a brother Justin takes the leap to finally accept help in Houston.” So, who are Steven and Justin? What’s going on with each of them today?

Steven Assanti has been known for being unruly and a bit hostile. In turn, he and his brother Justin do not get along, and, according to Starcasm, it appears that they still have a rift in their relationship. Starcasm reported that Justin made a comment on Reddit that when his brother, Steven, apologized on the second part of last season’s episode, he “was forced and I didn’t care.” So, it looks like the two brothers have not truly mended their relationship. Justin Assanti previously described his relationship with brother Steven on My 600 lb. Life and he said, “Ever since we were really young, we just never have gotten along. Our childhood was rough, and Steven just made it a lot rougher.” See a video of Steven venting about his brother Justin in the below clip.

Steven Assanti fb video 8/20/17 upset w/ brother Justin over Justin saying bad things about him.2017-08-20T23:56:25.000Z

According to The List, this is not the first time that Steven Assanti has been on a television show. In 2007, Steven appeared on Dr. Phil’s “House of Hate” episode and he also submitted a video application in 2010 for the show The Biggest Loser. Aside from being on television, Steven has also gained attention for being kicked out of a Rhode Island hospital for violating his health plan by ordering a pizza. He also was reported to be abusive towards nurses, which was something that TLC viewers got to see on My 600 lb. Life. In addition, on My 600 lb. Life, Dr. Now confronted Steven about a possible addiction to the pain medication he was receiving while undergoing treatment.

Steven has also posted videos on YouTube, where he is shown harassing nurses. Have a look at the below YouTube video, titled “Nurse I Need Help” for an example. The description for the video reads, “Me abusing hospital staff”, and for those wondering why it’s posted by a “John Assanti,” this was the name that Steven went by when appearing on Dr. Phil as well.

Nurse I Need HelpMe abusing hospital staff.2012-01-25T19:06:06.000Z

Over the summer, Steven Assanti actually posted an anti-bullying message online that read, “Don’t ever let bully’s get to you walk all over them and continue on your path to success in life. You can do anything you put your mind to.” He also appeared to have lost a lot of weight. But, according to Starcasm, his brother Justin seemed to “roll his eyes” at the post.

Growing up, Steven and Justin have said they grew up in a troubled household, according to The Daily Mail. Steven revealed on My 600 lb. Life that, “My childhood wasn’t good, to say the least. My mom was an alcoholic and my parents’ relationship was pretty rocky. So me and my brother Justin put up with a lot of abuse because of that. It was arguments all the time and fighting.” The brother’s also said their mother’s boyfriend years ago was abusive as well.

Exclusive: The horrors of Steven's Rhode Island childhood on My 600-lb LifeIn an exclusive behind the scenes for March 29, 2017 My 600-lb Life, Steven Assanti in voice-over and a montage of photos explains his POV as to why he and brother Justin gained their weight. Warning, it's very sad.2017-03-29T20:09:52.000Z
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