‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers – Season 22 Episode 3

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Last week, Arie Luyendyk went on his first solo dates of the season and they both proved to be a success. Becca Kufrin was treated to a date of luxury shopping, compliments of Rachel Zoe, and took home a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes as well. For contestant Krystal Nielson’s solo date, Luyendyk actually took her home to Scottsdale to meet his family. For the group date, it was a demolition derby theme and contestant Brittany Taylor ended up with an injury. On tonight’s episode, eight women participate in a wrestling date and Luyendyk has a one-on-one date at a vineyard in the Napa Valley. But, before we get into all the spoilers on what to expect for tonight’s season 22 episode, this is your spoiler warning. If you do NOT want to know any major spoilers, STOP READING NOW.

ABC network’s official episode description of tonight’s show reads, “As the charming race car driver intensifies his search for his soul mate among the 18 remaining women, Arie selects eight women to battle for supremacy in the wrestling arena with two top veterans of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) – Ursula Hayden and Angelina Altishin – sharing their secrets of success in the ring. The undercard will feature a surprise guest, Kenny “Pretty Boy Pit Bull” King from Bachelorette Rachel’s season, who will take on the Bachelor himself. Lauren S. is the lucky recipient of a romantic one-on-one date with Arie to a Napa Valley vineyard. “The Dynamo Dogs,” a group of lovable canines, and seven of the women perform together, becoming the stage sensation “Arie’s Amazing Acrodogs,” with Chris Harrison and gifted comic actor Fred Willard offering their hilarious commentary. One woman’s best romantic intentions are put to the tough test at the cocktail party.” And, now that we know what to expect, let’s get into more details on the eliminations, solo dates and more. Read on for tonight’s spoilers.

Lauren Schleyer’s Solo Date Has a Crash Landing

Lauren Schleyer’s solo date isn’t the best in Bachelor history and it doesn’t end well for the contestant, as Reality Steve reports. Schleyer supposedly gets eliminated on this date and, perhaps it had something to do with her nerves. ABC describes Schleyer’s vineyard excursion with Luyendyk as this, “Lauren S. and Arie take flight in a private jet to a dream vacation spot for wine lovers – Napa Valley. They enjoy a secluded picnic, but it is hard for Lauren S. to overcome her nerves. At dinner the couple is entertained by the BellaRosa String Quartet, but will the bachelorette be able to bond with Arie or not?” Apparently, Schleyere is NOT able to bond well with Luynedyk.

This is the only solo date of the episode. The other two dates are both group dates, with Kendall Long and Seinne Fleming being the only contestants who are not included in a date for episode 2.

And the Eliminated Contestants Are …

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According to Reality Steve, contestant Bibiana Julian is the only girl who is eliminated at the rose ceremony tonight. She previously had gripes about not getting enough time with star Luyendyk, but we aren’t sure what played a part in her elimination just yet. Contestant Brittany Taylor reportedly goes home because she apparently got a concussion on the previous episode’s Demolition Derby date. And, as we previously stated, Lauren Schleyer supposedly gets sent home on her solo date.

Tia Booth was the winner of the group wrestling date. She battled Bibiana Julian in the ring. As for the “dog date”, the contestants who appeared on that outing were Ashley Luebke, Caroline Lunny, Jenna Cooper, Chelsea Roy, Brittany Taylor, Becca Kufrin, & Annaliese Puccini.

Bekah Martinez Opens Up About Relationships to Luyendyk

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When Bekah Martinez has some alone time with Luyendyk, the two end up talking about relationships and he asks her how long her longest relationship has lasted. Her response was two and a half to three years. She said that it wasn’t exactly love and that she was the person who was broken up with in the relationship. Martinez said the break up actually motivated her to better herself in certain areas of her life.

As far as Luyendyk’s connection to Martinez goes, he previously wrote in his People blog that, “My chemistry with Bekah M. was off the charts … I can’t say I’ve ever dated anyone like Bekah. She’s so smart, charming, and charismatic, and as far as our kiss … well, I feel like the kiss says it all.”