Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Winter’s Dream’ Filmed? Where Are Bliss & Epic Mountain?

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Tonight Hallmark is premiering its final Winter Fest 2018 movie, Winter’s Dream The movie takes place in the town of Bliss, but does the city really exist? Can you go to Winterfest there and ski down Epic Mountain? Unfortunately, the town of Bliss and Epic Mountain are fictional, but you can still go to the location where the movie was filmed and experience the sights and sounds for yourself. Winter’s Dream was filmed in November and December in British Columbia, Canada, at Manning Park Ski Resort and the town of Hope. So if you’re wanting to visit the location of the filming and do some skiing yourself, you’ll need to go to Canada. (Note: Some of the flyover scenes may be in a different location, but the actors and filming itself took place in BC.)

The town of Bliss is actually the town of Hope in BC. Hope is a small town with a population of 6,181, according to a 2016 census. It’s a beautiful town nestled at the confluence of two rivers, between the Coast Mountain Range and the Cascade Mountain Range. It’s a beautiful town to visit, just a 90-minute drive east of Vancouver and a three-hour drive from Seattle.

And Epic Mountain in Bliss is actually Manning Park Ski Resort in British Columbia. As Kristin Booth, the executive producer, explained: “One thing they did not need to do was add in any CGI snow. You really felt like you were in this winter paradise. It’s only a couple hours out of Vancouver, but it felt so remote and sort of pristine and untouched.” She said that to get to one scene, she had to take a chairlift and walk 15 minutes through untouched snow, in the woods. “I thought I was lost to the point where I was starting to wonder about wolves and cougars. It really felt like you were in a beautiful winter paradise.”

If you want to visit Manning Park Ski Resort, check out their Facebook page here. It’s a year-round destination resort just 45 minutes east of Hope on Highway 3. It offers accommodations including 2- and 3-bedroom cabins, workout facilities, an indoor pool, Pinewoods Restaurant, and a full Ski School and Polar Coaster Tube Run. Manning Park’s ski hill includes five lifts and 36 runs. In the post below, one Hallmark fan shared that she was staying at Manning Park Resort when the movie was filming, and shared some photos:

Here are some more photos of Manning Park Ski Resort:

British Columbia is a popular place for Hallmark movies. Many Christmas movies were filmed there too, including The Mistletoe Inn, A Gift to remember, The Christmas Train, A Royal New Year’s Eve, Christmas Homecoming, A Joyous Christmas, Coming Home for Christmas, and more. In fact, BC is such a popular location for Hallmark Christmas films that What’sFilming referred to it in August as being in “a perpetual state of Christmas.”

Here are some more behind-the-scenes pictures:

Do you want to visit “Epic Mountain” and the town of Bliss? The scenes from this movie were so stunning, it wouldn’t be surprising if viewers started booking tickets to Hope and Manning Park right away.

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