Who Punched Alex Kompothecras in the Face & Broke His Jaw?

Alex Kompothecras was involved in an altercation over the summer, one that got him punched in the face and required his jaw to be wired shut. If you have been watching Siesta Key on MTV, you’ve probably noticed that something is different with Alex; he has been talking with his teeth locked together.

At the start of the second half of Season 1, Alex told his friends what happened to him while he was out at a bar one night.

The incident occurred at MacDinton’s in Tampa’s SoHo district back in September. Alex got in some kind of verbal confrontation with another male at the bar and he needed to be escorted out of the Irish pub by security personnel just before 1 a.m, according to the Bradenton Herald. It’s unclear what Alex and the other guy were talking about or why things got so heated.

Alex doesn’t know who actually assaulted him. Despite filing a police report, Alex told officers that he didn’t want to press charges, but he wanted the incident documented. Eventually, Alex ended up withdrawing his complaint and police stopped investigating the incident.

“The unknown assailant seems to have left [his] lip bleeding. Kompothecras did not appear to be hurt in any other way, police reported, noting that his teeth were fine. Kompothecras refused medical attention. He withdrew the complaint, but asked police to document the incident,” the Tampa Bay Times reported at the time.

“Officer Courtney L. Frix noted that Kompothecras had a ‘busted lip’ and ‘was bleeding slightly from the left side of his mouth,’ but that he “was not missing any teeth and he did not appear to suffering any major injuries,” the Bradenton Herald reported.

Several days after the incident, Alex took to Instagram to share a video of himself, showing that his jaw had been wired shut. That video has since been deleted.

Although his jaw has since healed, he has spent all of the series’ second half dealing with his injury so far, which has made the incident a topic of conversation once again. Thankfully, Alex’s friends have been pretty supportive of him since the incident.

Check out this tweet that his apparent on-again flame, Juliette Porter, posted after last week’s episode.

Alex seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing these days. He posted the following tweet last week.

Alex is currently going to law school and has had a bit of s diminished role on Siesta Key, despite being the main focus during the first half of the season. Alex’s dad, Dr. Gary Kompothecras, is the one who came up with the idea for the show, giving his son and his friends a taste of fame. Gary is well-known in the state of Florida as the guy behind 1-800-ASK-GARY. He is a chiropractor of Physicians Group LLC.

It is unknown if MTV plans to renew Siesta Key for a second season.

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