‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Cast of Final 4 Winners: Who Get the Hometown Dates?

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Next week’s episode of The Bachelor 2018 features the hometown dates and there are four women who are taking Arie Luyendyk home to meet their families this season. The hometown dates often make or break the star’s relationship with the remaining women, as he gets to see where they come from, what their relatives are like and what makes them tick. Often, there are parents or siblings who are disapproving or skeptical of the Bachelor, so we’ll have to see how Luyendyk makes out. Get to know more about each of the remaining four women below and beware of major spoilers. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ANY SPOILERS ABOUT THE BACHELOR, INCLUDING THE REPORTED WINNER, STOP READING NOW.

Kendall Long

Kendall Long made it out of the 2-on-1 date with Krystal Nielson this season and, although her taxidermy hobby is a bit off-color for Luyendyk, she has stuck around. Now, she makes it to the hometown dates, according to Reality Steve and Luyendyk recently confessed to People that, “I know most of you guys may see her as the quirky taxidermy girl, but she is so much more than that. She’s intelligent, funny and always full of facts. Her ability to articulate her thoughts impressed me so much … My feelings for her were growing more and more every day.” This would explain why Luyendyk has kept her in the mix, though she hasn’t had as much screen time as some of the other contestants.

Becca Kufrin

Becca Kufrin got the first solo date of the season, which is usually a sign that they’ll be on the show for at least most of the season. She also managed to get Luyendyk down on one knee during her limo arrival on the premiere episode. According to Reality Steve, Kufrin and Luyendyk end up engaged at the conclusion of the season … but it doesn’t end up with a happily ever after. Previously, Reality Steve reported that Luyendyk may not be on the show for “the right reasons”. Though he proposes to Kufrin and she accepts, he reportedly ends up choosing to be with the runner-up this season. Yikes. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Luyendyk did admit to falling in love with two women this season, so switching his decision is definitely a possibility.

Lauren Burnham

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So, who is the runner-up that reportedly ends up with Luyendyk? Well, that would be Lauren Burnham, as reported by Reality Steve. Burnham got her first solo date last week on the show and tonight she gets another. But, she does not end up getting proposed to on the show. Reality Steve reported that Luyendyk got engaged to Kufrin but ended up calling Burnham when the show started to air and he ultimately wanted to be with her. Reality Steve also reported that cameras were recently seen at Burnham’s family home. Did ABC get the whole situation on video? This should make for quite the After the Final Rose live special.

Tia Booth

Tia Booth, who is also BFFs with former Bachelor contestant Raven Gates, has reportedly made her way into the final four, according to Reality Steve. Previously, Luyendyk told People that, despite their differences in their upbringings, Luyendyk has really felt a connection with Booth, explaining that, “Over the weeks I felt like we had been building something really great, and even though we come from such different worlds, I felt like we understand one another on a level that I’m looking for in a partner.”