‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Spoilers on Ashley Iaconetti & Kevin Wendt

Bachelor Winter Games Spoilers, Ashley Iaconetti Loses Her Virginity, Are Ashley I And Kevin Wendt Still Together, The Bachelor Winter Games Winners

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The Bachelor Winter Games are fully underway and Ashley Iaconetti has found “like” with Kevin Wendt. But, before we get into all the spoilers on this couple, this is your warning. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ANY MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUT THE SHOW OR EITHER OF THESE CONTESTANTS, STOP READING NOW.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Ashley Iaconetti is known as the crying virgin, who, though beautiful, always seems to strike out because of her dramatics. At the beginning of the season, Ashley joked that all the American guys had pretty much black-balled her at this point, so she was excited that the show was incorporating members of Bachelor Nation from across the globe. Enter Kevin Wendt. At the beginning, he had eyes for another, Bibiana Julian, which sent Ashley into a spiral of tears. Kevin then decided that Ashley was a better way to go.

According to Reality Steve, Ashley actually loses her virginity to Kevin and now they are dating. But, Reality Steve has reported Kevin is on the show for “the wrong reasons.” Reality Steve reported that, “They are a “couple” now. Well, as much as someone in this franchise can define “couple” … It’s been reported to me that Kevin’s sole intention of doing this show was to be the next Bachelor: Canada. And if not that, he just wants fame, he wants notoriety, and he was strictly looking to hook up with whatever girl in the house would garner him the most attention … Some say it might be a showmance, but there’s no doubt Ashley is goo-goo ga-ga over him (shocker), and I’m hearing he’s not as into her as she’s into him (gee, where have we heard that before?).” Hopefully, Kevin is really into Ashley, since she gave up her “virtue” for him.

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According to Reality Steve, some viewers may get steered in the wrong direction during the Tell-All episode this coming Thursday night, after the finale. Reality Steve said that Ashley and Kevin try to keep Ashley’s virginity intact to the public. He explained that, “They did make it a point to mention that they did NOT have sex in the fantasy suite. Which is technically correct. They didn’t. As I said in Reader Emails last week, their sex happened post show. Ashley said she told Kevin that she was not going to sleep with someone so quickly after meeting them (which he said he agreed with) and basically that their “private” life is “private” between them. Chris Harrison never asked her if she was still a virgin.”

Not only do Kevin and Ashley win when it comes to coupling up, they also are the winners of the first ever edition of The Bachelor Winter Games. They win a kissing contest on the show, according to Reality Steve, as well.

But, who is Kevin Wendt? Bachelor Nation is quite familiar with Ashley I. in the United States, but Kevin wasn’t on our radar. According to Pop Sugar, the 33-year-old firefighter proposed to Jasmine Lorimer on the first season of Canada’s version of The Bachelorette. The two ended their engagement not long after the proposal. Prior to working as a fireman, he was in the Navy.

In an interview with Pop Sugar, Kevin said it took some convincing to get him on The Bachelor Winter Games. He explained, “[The Bachelorette‘s Jasmine Lorimer] had broken up with me in the middle of March, and it was probably the worst four months of my life. It was like, ‘Do I go to work? Or do I stare at my ceiling all day?’ I was completely heartbroken. When they reached out to me, it was the last week of July, and it was a hard ‘maybe.’ I kept getting contacted by producers and they kept giving me more of the premise of the show.” The four-episode Bachelor Winter Games special concludes on Thursday night, on the ABC network, followed by a Tell-All episode with the cast.