Becca Kufrin, ‘The Bachelor’ 2018: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Becca Kufrin is one of the final three contestants on season 22 of The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk. She got the first solo date this season, where she was spoiled with a wardrobe of dresses by Rachel Zoe, a luxurious spread of food and the ultimate Pretty Woman day of decadence. Kufrin also managed to get Luyendyk down on one knee during the premiere episode after her limo arrival. For all the spoilers on Kufrin, her fate on the show and the reported winner on the show, read on below. Beware of major spoilers.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Kufrin participates in a fantasy suite date and Luyendyk reportedly tells her he loves her. According to ABC, “A thrilled Becca K. and Arie explore the rich marine life around the Ballestas Islands, just off the southern coast Peru. The couple couldn’t seem happier. That night under the stars in a romantic tent, Becca K. opens up to Arie and reveals when she first knew she was in love with him. In return, Arie is compelled to reveal his deep feelings for Becca K., too.”

Again, if you DO NOT want to know any spoilers about tonight’s episode or the finale, STOP READING NOW.

1. Her Ex-Boyfriend Proposes to Her On “The Bachelor”

Reality Steve previously reported that Kufrin’s ex-boyfriend, Ross Jirgl, shows up and wants her back. In fact, Reality Steve reports that Jirgl proposes. He apparently reached out to producers and winds up on the show, though he tells the crew he doesn’t want to be on camera at one point. Reality Steve initially stated, “I’m not sure of the details of how it came to be, but obviously this guy was in contact with production at some point during filming and they made the decision to make this a storyline.” The ex-couple reportedly dated off and on for years.

2. She Is the Winner of “The Bachelor” This Season

In promo videos for the show, viewers see Luyendyk confess his love to both Kufrin and contestant Lauren Burnham, but he only proposes to one of them. During an interview with People, Luyendyk admitted that, “I fell in love with two women, and I didn’t know I was capable of that. I’ve never been in that situation, and it was really hard. And they were two very different women, and that’s what made it even harder.”

Luyendyk continued saying, “I didn’t know I was really capable of having strong feelings and being in love with more than one person, but that happened. The end was really difficult for me. And I think that it’s because it’s such a huge decision, and it’s my life. But I’m happy, and I wouldn’t have changed anything.” When it comes down to proposing, Reality Steve first reported that Luyendyk gets engaged to Kufrin.

3. Luyendyk Broke Up With Her for the Runner-Up

Reality Steve broke the news that Luyendyk reportedly dumps Kufrin for runner-up Burnham after the engagement and before the split happened, Reality Steve predicted that, “He’s not marrying anyone from this show. That’s not why he did it. His reputation precedes him. I don’t think all the sudden he’s changed because of this. In fact, I pretty much know it. But hey, what do I know, right?”

4. Kufrin Has Suffered Major Heartbreak In Her Family As Well

In addition to having her heart broken on national television, Kufrin has suffered through tragedy in her family life as well. Reality TV World reported that Kufrin ‘s mother is currently in remission from breast cancer. And, unfortunately, her father died about 10 years ago, when she was just 19 years old.

According to Bustle, Kufrin’s father was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer when she was 14 years old and he lived for a few years past his expectancy.

5. One of Her Good Friends Confronted Luyendyk About the Break Up

The Bachelor Women Tell All "Caroline Confronts Arie"The Bachelor Women Tell All "Caroline Confronts Arie"2018-02-24T01:18:45.000Z

On the Women Tell-All episode, Caroline Lunny, a cast-off from the show, confronted Luyendyk, telling him that she knows what he did and that she doesn’t understand how he could do it. She also called Luyendyk out, saying that the whole time, Luyendyk has been saying he’s on the show to find a wife. Luyendyk’s response was that he appreciated what she was saying to him and that it will play out on the remainder of the season.