WATCH: Britney Spears’ ‘Joy of Pepsi’ Commercial

Britney Spears inked a deal with Pepsi at the height of her career, back in 2000.

Perhaps one of the most iconic Pepsi commercials of all time was released in 2001, and featured the blonde pop star. Spears, who recently wrapped up a residency in Las Vegas and is preparing for a multi-city summer tour, had her very own song in the commercial called the “Joy of Pepsi.” You can watch the full commercial in the video above.

The commercial was also part of the Britney: The Videos DVD.

It takes place in a warehouse and starts off with Spears standing between two Pepsi trucks wearing a one-piece Pepsi suit and a baseball cap with her back facing the camera. When the music starts, Spears rips off her work suit and starts singing in a pair of jeans and a belly shirt — an outfit that was the epitome of Spears’ early 2000s style. She then tosses off her hat to expose her long, blonde locks as she walks to another part of the warehouse, where she is met by a group of dancers. The group then breaks into dance as Spears continues belting out the catchy tune.

“Ride. Just enjoy the ride. There’ll be no reason why, ‘cuz everything’s alright. And you will find. Ba pa pa pa, ba pa pa pa. The joy of Pepsi.”

As the song continues, there are shots of a television in various locations that are playing the commercial. In one particular shot, the commercial is playing on a television in a diner. One of the waiters is seen standing in front of the television with his mouth hanging open, clearly captivated by the woman in the commercial. As he watches, a fire breaks out on the stove behind him — but he simply can’t pull away from the TV. In a later shot, firefighters are seen putting out the flames, but the diner employee doesn’t move — he is simply mesmerized by Spears’ beauty (or the soda).

Flash forward to 2018, and Pepsi has resurrected this scene for their newest commercial, which will make its official debut during Super Bowl LII. The new commercial actually takes footage from Spears’ 2001 commercial which you can see below.

The “Now and Then” commercial showed Spears enjoying a Pepsi soda through different time periods. The very last scene in the video below is what plays in Pepsi’s new commercial.

The new commercial is a crossover of the two commercials. It shows a clip from the above commercial, but it portrays a similar scene from Spears’ “Joy of Pepsi” commercial. It depicts a diner employee looking up at a television screen, staring as he is captivated by Spears. The only thing missing this time around is a fire.

Spears took to Instagram to share a clip from the new Pepsi commercial a week before the Super Bowl. You can check out the clip below.