‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2018 Winner: Who Won the Finale Tonight?

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The 2018 finale of Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight and we have all the details on the winner and America’s Favorite, along with a recap of events. The five remaining contestants at the start of the episode were Omarosa Manigault, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Mark McGrath, Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur, but only one is the winner of the $250,000 grand prize.

At the end of the previous episode, the remaining houseguests participated in a Head of Household competition called “Rocky Mountain Fly”, with a skiing theme. Tonight, fans get to find out who was the winner in this final HOH contest. Manigault did not participate because she was the most recent HOH winner. In the HOH competition, Winokur was the first one out, followed by Gutiérrez. This left Mathews and McGrath as the final two in the HOH competition and Mathews tried to make a deal, but McGrath wasn’t quick to agree to anything. McGrath ends up bending and lets Mathews win HOH.

Mathews lets Gutiérrez know that she will be put up on the block with Manigault, only because he made a deal with McGrath, but the plan was to get Manigault out of the house. So, it’s important that Manigault does not win the Power of Veto. Mathews and Winokur were head to head for the Power of Veto, but Mathews ended up with the win on this as well. Mathews decides to not use the Power of Veto, which means that Manigault was probably going home. This brought viewers to the live eviction. Only Winokur and McGrath were able to cast votes and they both voted for Manigault to be sent packing. And so, Manigault was eliminated and joined the jury.

In the next competition for HOH, all except Gutiérrez were tied to win and had to go through a tiebreaker trivia question for the win. And, Winokur ended up taking the win. This meant that Winokur was guaranteed in the final two and she was able to choose which houseguest would be able to move forward with her to the final two. Because of her close friendship with Mathews, though it may not have been the most strategic move, Winokur evicted the other two and kept Mathews for the final two. Second place wins $50,000.

Soon, Winokur and Mathews were up for interrogation, giving their fellow cast-offs the opportunity to question each of them about the games they played this season. Winokur said she wasn’t expecting to be in the final two, so she didn’t prepare well with her answers. Mathews, on the other hand, had prepared.

And, finally, it was time for the nine celebrity jury members to cast their votes and many of them said their votes were for the person who played the “straightest game”. There were also votes for who some felt played the most “honest game”. And so, Winokur ended up as the winner of the first USA version of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

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Photo: Cliff Lipson – ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights ReservedMarissa Jaret Winokur, a Broadway actress, originally from Bedford, N.Y., and currently living in Toluca Lake, Calif., will be one of the celebrities competing.