Who Gets Engaged On the Tell-All Episode of ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’?

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Let’s kick this post off with a giant warning. If you do NOT want to know any spoilers about The Bachelor Winter Games or it’s Tell-All episodes, STOP READING NOW. With that out of the way, let’s get into all the details.

Remember when Clare Crawley was in a love triangle on the show? Christian Rauch and Benoit Beausejour-Savard both showed interest in Crawley, but Savard appeared to have more genuine feelings. He poured his heart out to Crawley, while Rauch seemed to have walls up. Though Rauch and Crawley continued to clash, Crawley wasn’t on the same page with Savard, who left the show broken-hearted. After Savard left, Crawley appeared to show regret, saying how sweet and nice he was to her.

Fortunately for Savard, there has been a major change and it all plays out on the tell-all episode of The Bachelor Winter Games tonight. According to Reality Steve the two reconnected after filming and on the tell-all show, “They talked about their relationship, and played a video of them in Sacramento in a park drinking champagne. They didn’t specifically say how many times they’ve seen each since filming, but have spent a lot of hours FaceTiming. Basically, after the show ended filming, Benoit texted Clare to see how she was doing, they reconnected at that point, and they’ve been together ever since. For those that are unaware, filming ended about a week before Christmas. So they’ve been together a couple months now. Benoit proposes to Clare and she says yes.”

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In a promo video for the tell-all episode, an engagement ring is shown and it’s designed by Neil Lane, who always designs the rings for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Jewelry designer Lane once told USA Today, “I make these rings with love and compassion, and really hoping that these people stay together. And, what happens afterwards? I don’t know. If they break up, the ring, it goes to ring heaven. There are a bunch of rings in ring heaven and God is watching them — and probably trying them on!”

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According to FLARE, Bachelor fans were becoming annoyed with Crawley when she sent home Savard and decided to keep Rauch on the show. Fans sounded off on Twitter, writing messages like, “Bring back Benoit please and send home Clare. She’s going to regret letting Benoit go. He is one of the BEST guys.”

Recently, a clip from the tell-all episode was revealed by E! News and in the clip, Crawley told host Chris Harrison that, “The second I got back to Sacramento, checked my phone and I had a message from a guy. Timing was so off, but it was so perfect for me because it was a man that just cared about if I was OK.” Now we know that this man was Savard.

Savard hails from Montreal, Canada and was on season 1 of The Bachelorette Canada. According to Elite Daily, Benoit is a restaurant maître d’ and he is 31 years old.