Fullmetal Alchemist (Netflix Movie): End Credits Scene Explained


The first live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie has officially released on Netflix and it’s looking to bring this legendary anime to life. Despite having some obvious changes to the story during the third act, the overall arc is fairly faithful to the source material. Fullmetal Alchemist follows the story of two bothers who lose parts of themselves during an alchemy experiment and are desperately seeking how to repair their bodies. Along the way, the duo becomes wrapped up in government conspiracies and a sinister organization that’s working in the shadows. While this is fairly straightforward, some aspects may be very odd if you have never watched or read Fullmetal Alchemist. One portion comes during the end credits scene that is clearly teasing the possibility of a sequel to this movie.

Warning spoilers ahead!

For the unaware, the scene depicts the charred, seemingly dead body of Envy who was burned against a fence by Colonel Mustang. This was done as an act of vengeance for the death of Major Hughes, who Envy killed earlier when he impersonated the Major’s wife before gunning him down. Once burned, Envy’s body fused with parts of the fence, but still remained intact. Unlike Lust, we never see his body just crumble into nothing, but if you have no knowledge of the anime it’s easy to assume he’s dead.

However, this is false since the end credits scene shows an odd little lizard crawl out of Envy’s forehead and skitter off. The real Envy is actually that little lizard, however, he is unable to regain his true powers until he comes into contact with a Philosopher’s Stone. Until then, Envy is pretty much stuck in this little reptilian body, making him far easier to dispatch. If Envy does manage to regain his true form then he can transform into a much bigger version of this lizard that made up of hundreds of different people.

Fullmetal Alchemist

This means the end credit scene sets up the idea that Envy is not dead and he will appear in the next movie. Thankfully, this largely falls in line with the main anime and manga since Envy doesn’t perish until much later. Since we really only get to see three of the homunculus in action, this means the next film could easily introduce Wrath, Sloth, Pride, and Greed. Yet, the live-action movie does make some major changes, most notably in the climax. Those cyclops monsters that Lust releases actually don’t show up in the anime until much later in the story. It will be interesting to see how a potential sequel adjusts for this change given it was a big part of the main villain’s final plan.

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