Star Brim Accused of Leaking Blac Chyna’s Sex Tape

Who is Star Brim


Star Brim has been accused of leaking Blac Chyna’s sex tape online. For those who don’t know who Star Brim is, she is best friends with Cardi B. According to Culture Book, the two have been friends for several years, dating back to their days working in strip clubs.

Shortly after the video of Blac Chyna performing oral sex on an unidentified male went viral, Brim made a couple of videos explaining why she posted it.

“I hate the internet. I miss the good old days when I could just post and it wasn’t, like, reflected on my friends, like, ‘Cardi’s friend’… like stop saying that… cuz at the end of the day, I have my own mind. I post what I want to post,” Brim said in the first video. She went on to say that she shared the video of Chyna because she thought it was funny. “That’s what Instagram is for,” she said, smiling. “It’s to post.”

However, it seems as though she wasn’t the one to actually leak the video. She simply admitted to re-posted it, according to a video that she posted on Instagram Live. Regardless, some confusing headlines have led many to believe that Brim was actually the one behind the leak.

You can watch the videos of Brim talking about Chyna’s video below. Please be advised that some of the language that she uses is not safe for work.

In the following video, which was posted to Brim’s Instagram live, she talks about how she came across the Blac Chyna video and why she posted it. She said that she was scrolling Instagram this morning, saw the video, and decided to share it. She admitted that she “doesn’t even know” Chyna.

Brim is an aspiring rapper who is getting some help along the way from her BFF, Cardi B. Although not much is known about Brim, she has made headlines in the past, mainly for things involving the “Bodak Yellow” singer.

A site called SOHH posted a supposed exchange between Brim and Azealia Banks in which Brim — whom the site labels as a “gang affiliate” — threatened to fight Banks. The site posted several screenshots of a conversation that appears to be between Brim and Banks. The site also posted a screenshot of an Instagram post, claiming that Brim wrote it.

“To all ya’ll Azealia Banks fans. She’s a p*ssy and a cop caller so ya’ll can eat a d*ck and die. Everyone has they right to not like someone, but where I’m from (Brooklyn), if you not trying fight don’t talk tuff. Either come outside catch a fade or STFU. I defend Cardi so much cus she’s the only friend I got people come for. Why don’t you all try comin’ for my other 30+ b*tches that’s not flying out doing shows? And it’s always mostly industry people. I’m so glad I’m not and never will be in that business. People keep calling me ghetto for always wanting to fight but I will rather be known as a ghetto b*tch than a haten ass b*tch. She came at Cardi for no reason. Now when I clap back, I’m wrong. FOH locations plz I’m in New York,” the post read.

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