‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Enterprise Photos & Videos [SPOILERS]

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Get a close-up look at how the Enterprise looks in Star Trek: Discovery. Is it everything you hoped it would be? This post has spoilers for the Season 1 finale, so don’t read on unless you’ve already seen the finale for Discovery. 

At the very end of the Discovery finale, the Discovery received a hail from the U.S.S. Enterprise, with Captain Christopher Pike commanding. He is the captain of the Enterprise immediately before James T. Kirk took command. It’s not surprising to see him, because Discovery takes place approximately 10 years before Star Trek: The Original Series and about 90 years after Enterprise. Since Pike was the captain immediately before Kirk, it seems understandable that Discovery would run into Pike at some point. This also means that we might see Spock too, because he served on Enterprise with Pike for more than 11 years.

First, here’s a GIF of that amazing moment:

And another GIF that you can tweet if you want:

And here are photos of the beloved Enterprise:





Different lighting:

The Enterprise looks faithful to the original design, as much as it possibly can be while still fitting in beautifully with the aesthetic of Discovery.

Discovery takes place about 10 years before the Original Series, and about one year after “The Cage” (which technically predated the Original Series.) At this time, Spock is serving on the Enterprise with Captain Pike.

Let’s look at it again:

So yes, Sarek will be seeing his son and Michael will see her brother in the Season 2 premiere (I’d imagine.) And yes, this ship is the same ship from the Original series. That’s a beautiful piece of canon that you won’t want to miss. But it does have a new look that fits in with the other ships — a new look that is stunning.

What do you think of the Enterprise? While you’re reliving that moment, take some time to take our poll and let us know who you think should be captain of the Discovery in Season 2:

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LOL…this is for the Trekkers who have not watched this show…it’s like, “OK…see…this really is Star trek”…now if they just get the klingons fixed…