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If you’re a little confused by the ending of the Star Trek: Discovery finale, you’re not the only one. We’ll dive in and try to clear up some confusion for you. This post will have spoilers for the finale of season 1. So only read on if you’ve already seen the episode.

How did the Klingon War end? No one is really sure. To some fans, this is a plothole, because it didn’t make a lot of sense. They dropped a bomb into a volcano on the Klingon’s homeworld (Qo’noS) (pronounced Kronos). This bomb, if ignited, would pretty much destroy the homeworld and put the Klingons at the Federation’s mercy. L’rell did say that now that they had tasted blood, they would never stop trying to kill the Federation.

But instead, Michael Burnham and crew gave the “iPad like device” that sets off the bomb to L’rell. She always wanted the Klingons to be unified and thought that battling the Federation would do that. But instead it split them all apart even more. So she threatened to blow up their homeworld if they didn’t all bow to her and, at her command, end the war. It’s unclear why they believe her, to begin with, and why this was enough to get everyone on her side. And for that matter, what if someone steals the iPad-of-doom from her? This may be one part of the finale that fans were a little less excited about. There was no peace treaty signed, so I’m guessing this is just a temporary end to hostilities going on here.

Yes, we did see the Enterprise at the end. That was not your imagination! And it wasn’t a mistake for it to be Captain Pike commanding and not Kirk. The distress call they answered was coming from the USS Enterprise. The show is set about 10 years before the Original Series. Pike commanded (and Spock served with him for more than 11 years) before Kirk took over after Pike. So we might get to see Pike and Spock next season.

No, we don’t have a new captain for the Discovery yet. They were heading to pick up the new captain when the Enterprise stopped them. Many fans want them to just give it to Saru, but others are hoping Sarek will take the reins. Still others are hoping that Prime Lorca will be located somehow.

Yes, Phillippa is off on her own now. They really want to keep the mirror universe hidden, but in exchange for her help, they did give her freedom. So she’s out there somewhere now, doing her own thing.

And yes, Ash did run off with L’rell. He felt that his true place was trying to continue brokering piece between humans and Klingons, since he’s both. But I’m betting he still has some residual feelings for L’Rell also, just like he does for Michael.

What happened to the spore drive? It still exists, but won’t be used until a non-human interface is found. That said, I imagine it could still be used for emergency situations. But until then, Discovery is traveling at warp.

Do you have any other questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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