Sharitha Golden: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sharitha Golden, Sharitha Knight, Suge Knight

Facebook Sharitha Golden Francis Facebook photo from 2017

Sharitha Golden also goes by the surnames Lee, Francis, and Knight. But it’s that last surname that matters. Sharitha was the longtime and first wife of Marion Hugh Knight Jr., better know as Suge.

Sharitha was a force and prominent presence in the 1980s and 1990s in Suge’s life and was an executive and producer at Death Row Records. But it was the astonishing revelation and accusation by Suge in 2017 that his ex-wife and former record label security chief were behind the murder of Tupac Shakur, an accident, as it turns out because Suge claims the hit was on him, not Shakur.

Sharitha blasted that claim and ferociously denied any involvement in the murder of Tupac.

Here’s what you need to know about Sharitha:

1. Sharitha Golden is the Ex-Wife of Rap Music Management Mogul Suge Knight

Sharitha Golden, Sug Knight ex-wife

ITSAGTV YouTube ScreenshotSuge Knights ex-wife Sharitha.

Now 50, Sharitha Lee was born in 1968 and lives Las Vegas. She graduated in 1986 from George Washington Preparatory High School in LA. Sharitha was married to Death Row Records mogul and notorious felon Suge Knight. They have a child together, Arion.

On Arion’s Instagram page, in 2012 she posted this photo of her “young baddie” mom.

2.Suge & Sharitha Were High School Sweethearts

Sharitha Golden, Suge Knight

ITSAGTV YouTube screenshotSharitha and Suge Knight in the 1980s.

The two met at a party in the early 1980s. Sharitha, who was a freshman in high school, described him as pushy and assertive but she gave him her number and “we’d been talking ever since.” Suge, three years older, and Sharita dated throughout high school. In 1987, Suge was arrested and charged with domestic assault for cutting off his then-girlfriend’s ponytail; Sharitha took out a restraining order against him. But the couple stayed together.

In an hour-long video interview with published last month on YouTube, Sharita describes their early relationship.

Sharitha Knight, Suge Knight

Sharitha and Suge get married in Vegas in 1989.

Sharitha says in 1989, Suge proposed to her in Las Vegas and their limo driver was the witness. She said the two had attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he played football until 1987. At the time he was also a bodyguard at a Vegas club.

Sharitha Golden, Snoop Dog YouTube screenshotSharitha said Snoop Dogg is godfather to their daughter Arion,.

Snoop Dogg is godfather to Arion, Sharitha said.

View this post on Instagram

✨ raz·zle-daz·zle ✨

A post shared by Arion Knight (@arionk) on Jan 11, 2018 at 6:49pm PST

3.In a Documentary, Sharitha Knight Was Said to Have ‘Brought The Professionalism to Death Row Records’

Bomb1stcom YouTube screenshotSuge and Sharita in the early 1990s. Bomb1stcom YouTube screenshot

Sharitha was an early producer with her then-husband and began working with, promoting and producing Snoop Dogg who she says began even soliciting clients for her: “You should let her do your stuff.” Snoop released ‘Doggystyle,’ produced by Dr. Dre with Death Row in 1993.

Now wife, Death Row executive, and involved as Snoop’s manager, Sharitha was described as “extremely business …and extremely professional’ in a documentary. She also helped Suge manage Tupac. Interviewees said Sharitha “brought the professionalism to Death Row Records.” Former Death Row executive Hank Caldwell says the relationship between Sharitha and Suge was a love-hate one. “She wouldn’t allow herself to be mistreated.” George Price, former Death Row publicist, said Sharitha was the “only one of any of Suge’s women that talked back to him,” and described her as “mean.”

4.Sharitha Said ‘It Was The Women’ That Led Her to Divorce Knight

Suge Knight

GettySuge Knight in 2017.

Sharitha says she left Suge and Death Row because of Suge’s proclivity for engaging in extramarital affairs. “It was the women,” Sharitha says. And adds that when she divorced him, he was incarcerated at the time, she could have gone for half the business but didn’t. Sharitha says “I did not go after what I was entitled to,” adding, “Suge was a regular guy the money made (they) made together.” “I wanted out” because of the number of women in his life, she claims. “Now you want to embarrass me but you have all these women …” she asks rhetorically. “I had all rights but I didn’t do that I just wanted out. It was the women. When he started bringing the women around .. they were calling me saying they were pregnant …I had to get out.”

5.Sharitha Responded to Knight’s Accusation That Implicated Her in Tupac’s Murder

Sharitha Golden

TMZ Video YouTube screenshotSharitha Golden denies acusations.

In 2017, Suge alleged that Sharitha and Death Row staff Reggie Wright Jr. were trying to kill him and Tupac was killed instead.

She denies the accusation and did so publicly and vehemently.

Tupac Shakur

Treach, YG , T.I. and Snoop Dogg perform 2017 Inductee Tupac Shakur onstage at the 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, 2017.

“…when I hear I killed Tupac and Suge to get Death Row, well I didn’t have to do anything to get Death Row, I already had it..” she said in the video.

VideoVideo related to sharitha golden: 5 fast facts you need to know2018-02-27T13:17:00-05:00

And when Sharitha was asked about Kevin Gaines, she half laughs: “Who was Kevin Gaines?” she asks rhetorically.

Kevin Gaines, Sharitha Golden

Then-police officer Kevin Gaines, who Sharitha says she dated.

“Kevin Gaines was a police officer I started dating,” she says adding that at her recommendation, Gaines, who she says never worked for Death Row, and four police colleagues were hired by Snoop Dogg to do security at a private event, a family reunion. She says Snoop personally paid Gaines and the other officers. Kevin was her “private life” and Suge was her professional life. And she says Suge had “”no idea who Kevin Gaines was until Las Vegas.” She also says she never met David Mack or Rafael Perez.

The USA Network airs ‘Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.’Tuesday.

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