Szechuan Sauce Locations: Which McDonald’s Aren’t Selling the Coveted Sauce & Why?

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Hungry Rick and Morty fans have been sharing that the coveted McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce actually isn’t available in every location, like McDonald’s announced it would be. So what’s going on?  Today, McDonald’s finally brought back the famed (or notorious, depending on your viewpoint) Szechuan Sauce that Rick and Morty fans have been wanting ever since the Season 3 premiere. The sauce was made available for one day in October, but the limited release went so poorly that there was a huge backlash, and McDonald’s had to promise to bring it back in greater supply sometime this winter. Now they have, but how can you go about getting it? It looks like every location doesn’t have it yet after all. And it’s possible that the location near you doesn’t have it yet. Read on for more details.

Some Szechuan Sauce Fans Can’t Get the Sauce Today

Last week, Heavy reported that although the Szechuan sauce was returning today, it likely would not be available everywhere. And it turns out, this report was spot on. Many people are getting to try the sauce today, but there are quite a few people reporting that their particular McDonald’s store doesn’t have the sauce or, even worse, didn’t even know the sauce was being released today. Here are just a few of the reports on social media about what’s going on:

The Sauce Should Be Available Everywhere By the End of March, But Likely Sooner


McDonald’s hasn’t officially explained what’s going on, but a source close to McDonald’s told Heavy last week to expect that this would happen. The source, who asked not to be named, said the sauce may first be released in major markets, like LA, NYC, SLC, SEA, JAX, ATL, and the like. By the end of March, the sauce should be released nationwide in all stores. “It will take time for all the Distribution Centers to receive it and filter down to the stores… The major markets will get it first, then it will get to rural markets.”

People on Reddit who worked at McDonald’s stores had also confirmed that some stores would start selling the sauce later than February 26. Redditor Samster7680 said their store in Iowa was just putting up advertising on February 26 and wouldn’t start selling it until February 28. Another Redditor wrote that they thought the same thing was happening in their region, and the official sell date wasn’t happening until February 28 in the West Virginia/Pittsburgh area.  Redditor FutureDrMadi shared a photo of a calendar from their store, and the calendar read for March 5: “Szechuan Sauce in stores!”

Here Are Reported Locations That Don’t Have the Sauce Yet

Here are some of the reports we’ve heard today of locations that don’t have the sauce. Many of these latecomers aren’t even limited to more rural markets. If your store isn’t on this list but didn’t have the sauce today, let us know in the comments below.

  • Redditor Jmatrix11 wrote that the McDonald’s at 81st and Biscayne Blvd. in Miami didn’t have any available.
  • A location in Watertown, New York said it wouldn’t be available until March 26. (@KmackTime)
  • A location in downtown Seattle won’t have it until tomorrow. (@tyreesejj7)
  • Another person said the location in Seattle at 15th and Market didn’t have it (@inthiscrowdedrm)
  • GrayCo in Nashville wouldn’t sell the sauce with nuggets, just tenders. (@AJBlue98)
  • A store in Stillwater, OK did not have the sauce today. (@carmabeans)
  • A store on Centreville Road in Lancaster, PA said they won’t start selling the sauce until March 6 (@erinfitzpatrick)
  • A customer from Kodiak, Alaska couldn’t get the sauce. (@SonnyChaleunpho)
  • Some Colorado stores aren’t selling it yet, but other people in Colorado could get it today. (@Bebylockz)
  • Stores in Henderson, Nevada said it’s not releasing until tomorrow. (@Las_Veg_Oz)
  • East Hollywood didn’t have it today. (@properfrog)
  • In New York City, 124/Adam C Powell and 3rd Avenue between 84/85 didn’t have it or were already sold out. (@PillinAPocket)
  • Codman’s Square location said they wouldn’t have it until Saturday or next Monday (@robschneps)
  • Multiple stores in Pensacola, Florida don’t have it or didn’t know about it (@Jieves)
  • At least one store in Los Angeles, California doesn’t have it (@Abwoitas)
  • Another person reported that the LA store at 10451 Santa Monica Blvd. didn’t have the sauce. (@zeyiwang_ucla)
  • A store in Las Cruces, New Mexico didn’t even know about the special (@Gwenhwyfar75)
  • Six stores in the Hampton Roads area didn’t have it (@ryanstotsky)
  • A store in Queens, New York on Astoria Blvd. didn’t have it. (@kitkats87)
  • A store in Elizabeth, New Jersey didn’t have it today. (@PandaFXGaming)
  • Two locations in Maryland didn’t have the sauce. (@Sir_Murfington)
  • A store in North Pekin, Illinois didn’t even know about the promotion. (@hubes22)
  • A store at High Point, North Carolina didn’t have it (@jsnsmummum)
  • Four locations in Detroit don’t have it. (@JBrooks0606)
  • Covington, Georgia’s store isn’t offering the sauce until next week. (@RABBoT117)
  • Tooele, Utah’s location said they never received the sauce. (@_Alphawolf627_)
  • Wilson, North Carolina’s location on Nash Street didn’t have it. “The employees…stared at me blankly when I asked…” (@CharlesHyde9)

If your store doesn’t have the Szechuan sauce yet, it will eventually get the sauce. Every store is supposed to ultimately get a limited supply of the sauce. But some locations will simply be selling it later. So if the store nearest you doesn’t have it yet, don’t give up.

The Sauce Is Available in Limited Quantities

But there’s another caveat to keep in mind. Even if your restaurant already has the sauce, don’t delay getting some to try. According to the promotion information, each restaurant will receive six cases of 250 sauces each, and Walmart locations will receive three cases of 250 sauces each. That means regular stores will get 1,500 sauce cups each, and Walmart locations will get 750 sauce cups each.


The printout reads: “Restaurants will be receiving a limited supply of Szechuan dipping sauce for Chicken McNuggets and Buttermilk Crispy Tender.” It also states: “This is a one time shipment and no product is available for reorder.” So once it’s gone, it’s gone.

To put this in perspective, the Redditor who released the advertising printout about the Szechuan sauce said that they work at a large store in a 4 million location, and they only go through about two cases of BBQ sauce a week — and that’s their most popular sauce. So six cases total may be low, but for some less populated locations it’s really not that bad. Still, given how popular the sauce was during the last one-day-only release, you should go early if you want to make sure you don’t miss the sauce. One Redditor, Reus958, wrote: “My store is being given 6 cases at 250 pieces each. We only serve about 900 customers a day, but given the two high schools near by and the employees being likely to steal or buy a ton, it probably won’t last that long.”

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