‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Cast: Meet the Final 3 Contestants

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Last week on the hometown dates of The Bachelor 2018, Tia Booth was eliminated, which left Kendall Long, Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham as the final 3 contestants. These three women now move on to the overnight dates. But, before we get into the details on tonight’s episode with the final 3 and some major spoilers, let’s touch on the Women Tell-All episode that aired last night. For the most part, designated villain Krystal Nielson was up against the firing squad and even star Arie Luyendyk seemed to put her in her place. Luyendyk was also confronted by cast-off Caroline Lunny, who told him that she know what he did and she cannot understand how he could do it. Luyendyk’s response was that “it” would play out in the finale. Find the answers to what Luyendyk did that made Lunny so upset here.

Now let’s get into the details and spoilers on the final 3 women, along with info on their overnight dates. On tonight’s episode, Luyendyk takes the remaining women to Peru and he admits that he has fallen in love with two of the women. This means that it’s the end of the line for one woman. As if that were not enough, a “mystery visitor” threatens Luyendyk’s happy ending when he shows up to win over his ex-girlfriend.

For all the details on the final 3, the mystery visitor’s identity and the reported winner this season, read on. But, BEWARE OF MAJOR SPOILERS.

Kendall Long

Kendall Long made it out of the 2-on-1 date with Krystal Nielson alive this season and, although her taxidermy hobby is a bit off-color for Luyendyk, she has stuck around. Luyendyk recently dished to People about why he was intrigued by Long, explaining that, “I know most of you guys may see her as the quirky taxidermy girl, but she is so much more than that. She’s intelligent, funny and always full of facts. Her ability to articulate her thoughts impressed me so much … My feelings for her were growing more and more every day.”

Prior to the hometown dates, Long has actually not gotten a solo date this season, which is unusual for a women in the final 3. Unfortunately for Long fans, Reality Steve has reported that this is her final episode because she is not in the final 2.

Becca Kufrin

For those wondering about the mystery visitor on tonight’s episode, Panda Gossips reported that his name is Ross Jirgl and he is the ex-boyfriend of Kufrin. He came onto the show saying that he didn’t want to be on camera and that he just wanted to see his girl. According to Reality Steve, he ends up proposing to Kufrin, but Kufrin rejects him.

Luyendyk proposes to Kufrin, but Reality Steve has reported they do not end up together. Luyendyk decides that he does not want to marry Kufrin and reconsiders his decision, later breaking up with her, and apparently ABC is sure to bring cameras to document the heartbreak. Becca Kufrin got the first solo date of the season, which is usually a sign that they’ll be on the show for at least most of the season. She also managed to get Luyendyk down on one knee during her limo arrival on the premiere episode.

Lauren Burnham

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Lauren Burnham is the runner-up this season, but it’s not all sad endings for her. Reality Steve has reported that Luyendyk called her on the night of the premiere and he realized he actually wanted to be with Burnham, not Kufrin. Luyendyk reportedly dumped Kufrin for Burnham and the two are currently dating, though there are not reports of an engagement.