‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ on Netflix: Meet the Cast


Netflix’s newest movie, The Cloverfield Paradox, will be premiering as soon as the Super Bowl ends. Formerly called God Particle, the movie’s release was a huge surprise to everyone, with most people guessing that it wasn’t coming out until April. But now here we are. And we can’t wait. Who’s going to star in the movie? Learn all about the cast below. We don’t know the names of the characters that everyone is playing yet, but this story will be updated as soon as that information is available.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw had a big role in the trailer shown during the Super Bowl and will be one of the main characters in the movie. She plays Ava Hamilton. Mbatha-Raw’s father, Patrick Mbatha, is a South African doctor, and her mother is an English nurse. Her parents separated when she was a year old and she was raised by her mom. Her many previous credits include Irreplaceable You, Beauty and the Beast (Plumette), Miss Sloane, Black Mirror (Kelly Booth in San Junipero — one of the most popular of all the Black Mirror episodes), Easy, Free State Jones, The Whole Truth, Concussion, Jupiter Ascending, 9 Kisses, Touch, Odd Thomas, Undercovers, Bonekickers, Lost in Austen, Doctor Who (Tish Jones), MI-5, Vital Signs, and more.

The Man from UNCLEDebicki

Elizabeth Debicki is also starring in the movie, and she plays Mina Jensen, the mysterious addition to the crew. Born in Paris to a Polish father and an Australian mother of Irish descent, Debicki moved with her family to Melbourne when she was five. Her long history of credits includes Breath, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Ayesha), 7 From Etheria, The Kettering Incident (Dr. Anna Macy), The Night Manager (Jed Marshall), Everest, The Man from UNCLE, The Great Gatsby, Macbeth, and more.

RushBruhl in Rush

Daniel Bruhl is one of the main characters in the movie and plays Michael Schmidt from Germany. He was born in Spain and his father was a popular German TV director. He also stars on The Alienist as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler. His other credits include The Zookeeper’s Wife, Alone in Berlin, Captain America: Civil War (Zemo), Burnt, The Colony, Woman in Gold, The Fifth Estate, Intruders, The Bourne Ultimatum, Rush, and more.


Chris O’Dowd is best known for his role as Roy Trenneman in the Channel 4 comedy The IT Crowd. He plays Mundy in the Cloverfield Paradox movie. His other credits include Get Shorty (Miles Daly), Molly’s Game, Loving Vincent, The Incredible Jessica James, Love after Love, Mascots, Moone Boy, Monsters vs. Aliens, Family Tree, Girls, This is 40, The Sapphires, Roman’s Empire, The Clinic, and much more.

Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonZiyi Zhang

Ziyi Zhang plays Tam in the movie. Zhang is a Chinese actress and model best known for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Her other credits include Rush Hour 2, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Memoirs of a Geisha, Forever Young, Run for Love, The Crossing 2, Better and Better, The Crossing, Til Death Do Us Part, TMNT, 2046, and much more.

David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo plays Commander Kiel (and his role as Kiel is quite impressive.) Oyelowo has many impressive credits to his name, including Les Miserables (the upcoming miniseries), The Lion Guard, Star Wars: Rebels, Queen of Katwe, Nina, Captive, Selma, Interstellar, Default, Nightingale, A Most Violent Year, and more.

Going in StyleJohn Ortiz

John Ortiz is also starring in The Cloverfield Paradox as Acosta. His credits include The Guest Book, A Dog’s Purpose, Togetherness, The Finest Hours, Blackhat, Steve Jobs, Rake, Luck, Fast & Furious, Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Clubhouse, The Job, Lush Life, and more.

Aksel Hennie

Aksel Hennie is a Norwegian actor who plays the unforgettable Volkov in Cloverfield Paradox. His credits include Nobel (Erling Riser), Ares III, The Martian, Last Knights, Hercules, 24: Live Another Day, Torpedo, Buddy, and more.

In To the HoodsRoger Davies

Roger Davies is also starring in Cloverfield Paradox as Michael, Ava’s husband. His previous credits include Hounded, Blue Peter, Girls in Love, Family Affairs, 24Seven, The Bill, Renford Rejects, Comin’ Atcha!, Dream Team, and more.

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