Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Wedding March 3’ Filmed? Can You Get Married There?

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Tonight Hallmark is premiering a new Valentine’s movies, Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride. It’s the third in the Wedding March series, and we hope there are many more to come after this one! But where was it filmed? The movie may have been filmed in Canada, but if you want to get married at the same resort,  you actually can. Read on for more details. And after you finish reading this story, let us know in the comments if you think Hallmark should make a fourth movie in the Wedding March series.

It’s no surprise that Hallmark keeps making more movies in this series! The original Wedding March debuted to a remarkable 2.3 million viewers when it premiered during Hallmark’s June Weddings series. The third movie was originally called Wedding March 3: A Valentine Wedding. Like the movies before it, this movie was filmed in British Columbia and Vancouver and other areas in Canada, What’s Filming reported. And the wedding venue is located at Rowena’s on the River. This movie was filmed earlier than many of its peers: back in June.

Here are some more specific details about filming locations. Hemlock Valley was filmed in Agassiz, British Columbia. Agassiz is a small community north of Chilliwack and 97 km east of Vancouver. Montrose Avenue scenes were filmed in Abbotsford.

The beautiful wedding venue where the movies take place was filmed in Harrison Mills, British Columbia, west of Agassiz. More specifically, the resort is located in real life at Rowena’s on the River, according to I’ve Scene It on Hallmark. Harrison Mills is located in the foothills of Fraser Valley. And charming Rowena’s on the River is a 160-acre estate that was built in the 1800s. It was originally owned by the Pretty family (hence why it’s called Pretty Estates Resort), and now it features an inn, four cottages, a restaurant, and a golf course. Kerry from I’ve Scene it On Hallmark interviewed the owners of the estate to get more details (and actually stayed on the property too, so you’ll definitely want to visit their article for more details.). Kerry learned that the Pretty couple originally bought the land in 1924. Charles Pretty built a dam to produce electricity for the property on the land. Kerry wrote that the property was just as beautiful in person as it looks on TV.

Note: Rowena’s Inn on the River is also called Pretty Estates Resort. And yes, they offer wedding packages. Here are some more photos:

Here’s a synopsis of the movie. “It’s a full Valentine’s Day weekend at the Inn when Olivia and Mick host Mick’s sister and her fiance, Mick’s daughter and her boyfriend, and Olivia’s mother and her boyfriend. Things get chaotic when Mick’s sister decides to have her wedding at the Inn that weekend and Mick’s daughter announces plans to drop out of college.”

Would you like to visit Rowena’s Inn on the River and see where the movie was filmed in person?

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