Is Becca K. or Lauren B. ‘The Bachelor’ Winner for Season 22?

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Before we get into all the details on what happened on tonight’s finale of The Bachelor 2018, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. Turn back now if you don’t want to know who the winner is of season 22.

Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham were this season’s final two and the beginning of the finale episode focused a lot on star Arie Luyendyk Jr’s family. Each girl met with his parents and siblings and they all had their opinions. Kufrin had a difficult time because Luyendyk’s family kept comparing her to Burnham, while this was not something Burnham appeared to have to deal with, because she met them first. Though Luyendyk’s parents said both women were nice and great fits for him, they felt Kufrin was the better match.

Ultimately, Luyendyk gets down on one knee and proposes to Kufrin, but Kufrin’s happiness with Luyendyk lasts a matter of weeks. According to Reality Steve, Luyendyk has second thoughts and realizes he actually wants to be with Burnham. As a result, he breaks off the engagement with Kufrin and asks for Burnham to take him back.

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During tonight’s finale, former Bachelor star Jason Mesnick weighed in, saying that his advice for Luyendyk was to be true to himself. He said that Luyendyk had to just make the decision, as hard as it is to do. On Mesnick’s season, he proposed to Melissa Rycroft, who accepted. Later on, he realized that he actually wanted to be with the runner-up, Molly Malaney. Sound familiar? Mesnick and Malaney got together on the After the Final Rose special and they married about a year later. Today, they are married with two children.

On the finale episode, Luyendyk said that normally he is a very decisive person, but this journey has been so difficult. When Burnham confesses her love to him, saying how patient he’s been with her, in helping her break down her walls, Luyendyk starts to cry. At the end of her speech to him, he starts shaking his head and then tells her that he was up all night thinking about his proposal tomorrow. He then says something held him back and he realized that he couldn’t go through with it. He said he gave it everything he had to see if it could work and he cannot explain why any better. He then says that he did fall in love with her.

Burnham’s response is that she is very confused and that she doesn’t know what to say. The two embrace and Luyendyk apologizes to her as he walks her away from the property, holding her hand in silence. When the two get to a car, Luyendyk said he didn’t know until that morning what he was going to do. With tears, Burnham said to him, “I still love you.” Luyendyk’s reply was, “I love you too.”

Riding away from Luyendyk, Burnham tells the cameras she feels betrayed and completely blindsided. Luyendyk is shown sitting on a bench, wiping tears from his eyes. Burnham says to the cameras, “How could he get down on one knee if he wasn’t sure ’til like 3 hours ago?” She says that she thinks he made a mistake and took “the easy route”.