Did Arie Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham Get Back Together?

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Before we get into all the details on Arie Luyendyk’s rocky road on The Bachelor and his status with Lauren Burnham, this is your SPOILERS WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know the outcome of last night’s finale or the latest info on Burnham and Luyendyk.

Now let’s get into all the juicy details. Last night, the finale showed Luyendyk breaking up with fiancee Becca Kufrin after almost two months of being engaged. He had said that all he could think about was runner-up Burnham and that he was in love with her. Luyendyk told Kufrin he wanted to break off their engagement, in hopes of winning Burnham back. It was also revealed that Luyendyk had reconnected with Burnham on some level, after filming end. As far as Kufrin seemed to know, it was for some kind of closure. Unfortunately for her, it made Luyendyk continue to believe he had made a mistake in his choosing Kufrin as his future wife. The finale left viewers not knowing what happened after Luyendyk and Kufrin’s split.

Tonight, what went down between Luyendyk and runner-up Burnham will be revealed, but we’ve got the scoop if you just can’t wait to find out what happens. On January 23, 2018, blogger Reality Steve said that, “I was told from a source specifically that ‘Arie broke up with Becca and they are heading to Virginia to film’ … Not less than 6 hours later, a photo appears in a private Facebook group that ABC’s vans were out in front of Lauren’s mother’s house in Virginia, and the person who posted the picture seemed to know that ABC and Arie were there and were filming … Arie ended his engagement with Becca a little over a week ago and is now dating Lauren. That’s why he was in Virginia last week at Lauren’s parents house.” So, it sounds like after Luyendyk pulled the plug on his relationship with Kufrin, he headed right to see Burnham.

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According to The Hollywood Gossip, when Luyendyk visited Burnham, he begged for her to take him back and she did. The two are currently dating, but there are no reports of an engagement.

Without a doubt, last night’s finale was definitely a gut-wrenching and emotional episode. On the live segment of the show, Kufrin called it “brutal”. It makes you wonder what Burnham thought of the finale. But, according to Us Weekly, Burnham did not watch the show. A source also revealed that, “She is so excited for everything to come out so she can start living her life again and things can go back to normal. She just wants the truth to come out already. She never could have anticipated any of this. It’s been so crazy, so she’s looking forward to finally speaking her truth.”

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Photo Credit: ABC – Paul Hebert

In an off-topic, random report, Burnham had actually met Luyendyk before he became the star of The Bachelor. Yep. That’s right. According to Us Weekly, a source said, “Lauren met Arie a long time ago for like 10 minutes at a race in Dallas and they took a photo together. She showed him the picture the first night at the mansion and he was like, ‘Oh my gosh I remember you!’ Lauren and her friends went to the races because her friend was watching another guy. They went into the pits and took some photos with Arie and [joked] around with him. They laughed and talked for a few minutes.” So, it sounds like Burnham may have been a fan before Luyendyk became the most controversial Bachelor in history.