Does Tara Die on ‘The Walking Dead’?

AMC Tara on The Walking Dead

[This post has spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, Season 8 Episode 13. So don’t read on unless you’ve already watched the episode.) During tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, Tara is shot during the battle with the Saviors. Now fans are really worried. But is she going to die? Read on for fan theories about what happened to Tara tonight.

During the episode, the Saviors used tainted weapons when shooting people in The Hilltop, in order to infect them. Now, this doesn’t make a lot of sense, because past episodes of The Walking Dead don’t fit with the idea that people can die from getting cut with a tainted weapon. Even Shane cut himself with a clearly tainted knife back in Season 2 and was fine. (Read Heavy’s story about the plot hole here.) But nevertheless, the plan worked and members of The Hilltop began developing symptoms of infection after being shot with tainted weapons.

Tara was also shot, but she looks fine. Is she going to die?

Most fans think she won’t end up dying. It looked like Dwight was the one who shot her, and he’s been on the side of Rick’s crew for quite some time. More than likely, since Dwight didn’t agree with Simon’s plan, he decided not to infect the weapons that he was using with zombie guts. So although Tara is likely going to be worried about dying, most fans think she’s going to be fine.

In the comics, Tara is a very different character, so we can’t really derive any clues from the character who’s named Tara in the comics. That Tara is an antagonist who is part of Negan’s army.

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