Duke Brady & Amal Alyassiri on ‘Naked and Afraid’ Season 9 Premiere

Naked and Afraid Season 9 Premiere, Duke Brady Naked And Afraid, Amal Alyassiri

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On tonight’s season 9 premiere of Naked and Afraid, the two survivalists participating in an episode titled “Category 5 Survival,” endure a less than comfortable experience. Duke Brady and Amal Alyassiri are the participants on the episode. The official Xfinity synopsis of the episode reads, “A category-five hurricane blasts through Amal and Duke’s camp; in addition to the hurricane, the pair also endure venomous spiders, insects and nocturnal predators in the swamps of Florida.”

Unfortunately for Brady on the show, People has reported that he gets stung by a yellow jacket bee on his penis. Brady revealed to People that, “Of all the places for it to sting me. I was nothing but exposed skin, and it stings me on the end of my, um, well, it really hurt. It was a sharp pain at first and then it sort of became a dull, throbbing pain. It started to swell up, which really freaks you out to see such an important part of your body swollen like that, when you’re out there in the wilderness by yourself.”

As for Alyassiri, she is the first female Muslim participant in the history of the show and she has been dealing with some pain as well, but more when it comes to social media criticism. Alyassiri responded to haters on her Facebook account, writing, “I can handle being criticized but if any more of you threaten my life I will ban you and give your name to the police, just because you think you have no information on your post, your IP address can be tracked and you will be charged. So please be kind or go away.” This message was written a few days after she posted these words, “I received a lot of love today, but also some hate. I don’t expect anyone to understand or even like what I did, but this is my page and I will expect you to respect my decision. If you are here to preach to me about how bad of a Muslim I’am then please don’t waste your time or mine. If you take a moment then you will see the show is about surviving naked in the wild, absolutely nothing sexual. I have no room for hate in my heart and I have no patience for those who try to be hateful. #practicelove.”

Naked and Afraid Season 9 Premiere, Duke Brady Naked And Afraid, Amal Alyassiri

Facebook(Amal Alyassiri)

On tonight’s episode of the show, Alyssiri and Duke deal with terrible weather and even bears. For those who want to watch Naked and Afraid online, while DiscoveryGo.com allows you to watch a live stream if you sign in to a TV provider, cord cutters who are looking to completely replace cable–or have already gotten rid of it–can watch the Discovery Channel via an over-the-top streaming service, which provides access to an entire package of channels for a monthly fee. When it comes to the Discovery Channel, users have two options for a streaming service: DirecTV Now is the cheapest option, while PlayStation Vue offers a DVR service. Both options provide a free trial. Here’s a rundown of what these live streaming services provide, and how to sign up to start watching the Discovery Channel instantly:

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Duke Brady Naked And Afraid

Discovery Channel

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