Is the New Character Georgie in ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics? [Season 8 Episode 12]



We met a new character on Season 8 Episode 12 of The Walking Dead named Georgie. She met with Maggie, Enid, Rosita, and Michonne to trade knowledge for records, offering the hope of a better world. If the actress looked familiar, it’s because Georgie was played by Jayne Atkinson, who most recently starred on House of Cards on Netflix. Is this new character in The Walking Dead comics? Spoilers for Season 8 Episode 12 below, along with theories about future episodes and some minor spoilers for the most recent issues of The Walking Dead comics.

Georgie does not appear to be identical to another character in The Walking Dead comics, and her arrival might be breaking new ground in the series. However, other fans think that she could be a slight reboot of a character that has appeared in the comics named Pamela Milton. Apparently there’s no character by Georgie’s name in the comics. This is leading some fans to think that she’s entirely new and marks the show setting off in an entirely new direction. The series has to branch out from the comics in a major way, since Carl is dead and he played a huge role in a new group that is introduced next in the comics. No, it doesn’t seem like Georgie has any connection to that group (The Whisperers), although some fans think that Jadis might.

When Maggie, Michonne, Enid, and Rosita first meet Georgie, she’s dressed very properly, wearing glasses, and standing in front of a van. She said she has knowledge to trade for phonographic records (music, not spoken words.) She said she doesn’t share this with “the weak,” but she knows that Maggie’s group isn’t weak. After much debate, Maggie accepts her deal. Georgie gives her some of their food and a book with blueprints and plans for machinery, windmills, watermills, silos, schematics, grain-refining techniques, aqueducts, and more. “A book of medieval human achievement,” Georgie says. The book’s cover reads: “A Key to A Future: Being a guide to the machinery, techniques, tasks, travails, and SOLUTIONS employed by early civilizations to recent times; let this be the path forward from the past to a more advanced NOW.”

She tells Maggie to use all that knowledge to build the community, and one day she will return to see how they’re doing. Fans are also thinking that Georgie is connected with the helicopter that Rick saw (and the helicopter pad located outside of the Scavengers’ former home.) They’re also wondering if she’s connected to the mysterious key card that Tara found on after Heath was lost during her journey to Oceanside. The keycard had “PPP” on it but it was never explained.

Tara's Keycard

AMCTara’s keycard

But some fans don’t agree with the “entirely new character” theory. They think that Georgie might be a slight retelling of a character they have seen in the comics: Pamela Milton. Pamela Milton first appears in Issue 176 of The Walking Dead, and she’s the Governor of a group called The Commonwealth. She’s part of Volume 30: A New World Order. This is actually a brand new storyline just started by the comics. The Commonwealth is focused on restoring society, but it’s hiding some secrets. Milton, for example, has a son and uses the Commonwealth’s military to follow him on dates that go past the city walls. Pamela seems stern, but she’s also compassionate.

The comics haven’t revealed much about Pamela’s character. So if The Walking Dead is basing Georgie on Pamela, then comic readers won’t have too much of an advantage over TV viewers for once.

What do you think? Do you think Georgie is a new character or is she Pamela?