‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Cast: Learn All About Leah Gibson & Her Character Inez

Netflix Marvel's Jessica Jones

Fans of Jessica Jones Season 2 may be intrigued by one of the new characters, Inez. Her storyline only gets more in-depth as the season goes on. Here are more details about the actress who plays her, Leah Gibson, and some non-spoilery details about the character Inez.

If Leah Gibson looks familiar to you, there’s a good reason. She has a long line of credits to her name. She starred on the TV series Shut Eye as Sylvia Haverford, on The 100 as Gina Martin in 2016, on The Returned as Lucy McCabe, on Rogue as Cathy, on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as Nyx, on Caprica as Emmanuelle, and on Eclipse (in the Twilight series) as Nettie. She’s been in even more TV shows and movies than this, but this gives you a good idea of why her character might look really familiar to you.

Interestingly, when Leah’s character was first announced, her character’s name was “Ingrid.” But apparently that was later changed to Inez. She’s not in the Marvel comics; she’s a unique creation for the series.

Leah grew up in Canada and began dancing at the age of four. She studied psychology at the University of Victoria. That’s especially interesting, considering the role she played in Jessica Jones. She left school when she booked a role in a touring theater production. Leah has a twin sister named Erin, who’s an artist.

Her career on TV began in 2007 when she appeared on PsychTin Man, and Second Sight. Her very first feature film was in 2009 when she played Amy Singer in The Devil’s Ground. Gibson has had a great career in only about 10 years since she got her first TV role. Her role in The Devil’s Ground was booked just six months after she signed an agent. She also had the impressive role of Silhouette’s girlfriend on Watchmen that same year.

Her character, Inez, is very mysterious on Jessica Jones. She’s a nurse who witnessed a traumatic event that is very important to Jessica Jones, but she might also know some answers that Jeri is interested in too. In fact, Inez holds the answers to quite a few secrets, and viewers will be entertained to find out just what those secrets are as the season continues. Leah Gibson’s interactions with Carrie-Anne Moss (Jeri) are impressive and do a great job of showing the actress’s range. Moss is a talented force in the Marvel universe, but Gibson holds her own when she appears on the screen with Moss.

What did you think of Inez on Jessica Jones and the job that Leah Gibson did? Let us know in the comments below.


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