‘Married at First Sight Cast’: Meet the Season Six Couples

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Season six of Married at First Sight is well underway, and the couples’ relationships have flourished. That isn’t to say that each duo’s romance has been smooth sailing, though.

Married at First Sight follows three couples who agree to marry when they first meet. The show chronicles their experience as newlyweds for eight weeks, after which point they can either stay married or choose to get a divorce.

Read on to learn about the season 6 couples.

Jaclyn Schwartzberg & Ryan Buckley

married at first sight cast, married at first sight meet the couples,

Jaclyn is 29, and lives in Boston. She used to be a teacher, and now works as a sales representative.

Jaclyn got out of a difficult relationship two years ago with a guy who she thought was ‘the one’. Now, she’s ready for love, and trusts that the experts of Married At First Sight will set her up with the right man.

Ryan, meanwhile, is a 29-year-old firefighter who grew up in Boston. Ryan tells Lifetime he is looking for someone “energetic, thoughtful, and sincere.”

In tonight’s episode, Ryan shares his fears about Jackie’s five-year-plan. He says ever since she called herself a “gypsy soul”, he’s grown nervous that she may up and leave at any point.

Molly Duff & Jonathan Francetic

married at first sight cast, married at first sight meet the couples,

Molly, 25, is a commercial insurance adjuster in Boston. Her father passed away six years ago, bringing her even closer with her mother and two sisters. Lifetime shares that Molly has been in a number of long-term relationships, but she hasn’t found the right person.

Jonathan, 28, is an army vet. He works as a financial associate in Boston, and hopes to find a woman who is energetic, driven, and funny.

Shawniece Jackson & Jephte Pierre

married at first sight cast, married at first sight meet the couples,

Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre.

Shawniece is 29 and works as a cosmetologist. She has nine younger brothers and sisters. Shawniece is ready to get married, but hasn’t met the right guy and hopes she can count on the experts to set her up with her future husband.

Jephte Pierre is 25, and works as a second-grade teacher in Boston. He grew up the oldest of fourteen children. Lifetime writes, “…he is a natural leader and took on the role of a father-figure to his younger siblings growing up.”

The two got off to a rocky start this season, but they’ve recently opened up about having a family. Last year, Jackson told Jephte, “Maybe if we have a son, I’m gonna name his Jackson Pierre.” Jephte didn’t seem too into that; he wanted to call his son Jephte Jr.

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I’m sorry, I think the experts did a terrible job this year. The couples all seem so immature and not at all committed to a relationship of this magnitude.


I agree. Maybe the network needed higher ratings so went with “high drama” couples? I loved last season but this one makes me tired…. mainly b/c of Molly. She needs psychological help and meds too, very sad she is so disturbed.

Kamala ODonnell

I have wondered from the beginning of this season…how sincere or honest is this Ryan dude. He claims to be willing to make whatever changes To his life that it takes to find the woman of his dreams but, his actions are not matching his words! Seems like hes trying to find a way to have pros tell him they made mistake and its ok to end it, without him having to man up an be the one to end it! He needs grow up!

Betty James

Ryan, is trying very hard remember she’s still love with someone that just passed away Ryan is on the rebound so let’s stop putting the blame on the guys.

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