Peter Griffin Hurting His Knee, Is It the New “Steamed Hams?”

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A new meme involving an old clip from Family Guy is slowly taking over the internet.

The clip in question comes from season two, episode 20 of the show which first aired on July 25, 2000. The episode, “Wasted Talent,” has Peter Griffin finding a hidden silver scroll in a bottle of Pawtucket Patriot beer and winning a chance to go on a tour of the brewery in a parody of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. As he runs home with the scroll, he trips and spends the next 30 or so seconds clutching his knee and moaning in pain. According to the Family Guy wiki, the gag would be repeated in the show five times after that.

The nearly 18 year old clip has seen a resurgence recently with people posting remixes of it on social media. One example by Twitter user @manteiaa references the opening sequence of the popular 2015 video game Undertale. Another early example has user @vappywave editing the scene to include graphics and sound effects from Crash Bandicoot. In fact, a lot of these remixes reference video games. A remix by @saltydkdan replaces Peter’s cries of pain with a dramatic retelling of the Burger King Foot Lettuce meme.

Here are a few examples:

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This isn’t the first time the clip has seen edits. According to a submission on the website Know Your Meme, notable remixes of the scene date back to 2009 with a video of YouTuber weirdovideoz posting a video of a man recreating the scene.

Another edit was posted to YouTube on June 24, 2017 by user ItsEasyBro which replaces Peter’s moans with Fireflies by Owl City.

This isn’t the only internet revival of an old clip from a beloved, animated family sitcom this year. “Steamed Hams” is a popular skit from season seven, episode 21 back on April 14, 1996 where Principal Skinner invites Superintendent Chalmers to a luncheon and tries to cover up his mishaps with a series of increasingly wild lies. After burning a roast, Skinner tells Chalmers that he is serving steamed clams but when he turns up with hamburgers from Krusty Burger disguised as his own cooking he says that he said “steamed hams.” According to Know Your Meme, remixes of the skit date back to 2010 but more of them started spreading across YouTube especially after Bill Oakley, the writer behind the skit, posted the first draft of the scene on Twitter on January 4, 2018. Below are some notable examples:

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