‘Rick and Morty’ Run the Jewels Easter Eggs: What Does the Car Crash Story Mean?

Adult Swim Rick and Morty's Run the Jewels Video

There’s a new Rick and Morty video today: it’s a music video with Run the Jewels as a promotion for the Adult Swim Festival that’s happening in Los Angeles October 6-7. And of course, Rick and Morty fans who are desperate for the show to return (and aren’t we all?) are analyzing everything about the video for clues. Well, some pretty eagle-eyed fans noticed a fascinating Easter egg. In the YouTube video’s description, there’s a link that says “Watch More Rick and Morty.” But the link doesn’t take you to Rick and Morty videos, it takes you to a 404 page with a weird story called “What I Remember of the Crash.” Is this a clue for fans? What does this mean? Read on for more details. But first, if you haven’t  seen the Run the Jewels video yet, here it is:

Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama | Adult SwimDirected by Juan Meza-León. From the album Run The Jewels 3. Adult Swim Festival featuring Run The Jewels is coming to Downtown LA on October 6-7. For more information and ticketing options go to AdultSwimFestival.com. Rick and Morty Full Episodes: asw.im/7Bodxu SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About Rick and Morty: Rick and Morty is Adult Swim's most scientifically…2018-03-16T14:00:18.000Z

The link takes you to this page, where you see the following:

Rick and Morty: What I Remember of the Crash

Adult SwimRick and Morty: What I Remember of the Crash

The story reads: “There are three of us, barreling toward the shore in a turquoise sedan. I am almost four, babbling, squirming in and out of my scrawny fifteen-year-old brother’s grip in the passenger seat. Cigarette perched, my father mans the wheel; he hums as his eyes survey the two-lane highway, an unremarkable stretch that promises the ocean. I don’t see the truck. I don’t see its front driver’s side wheel explode. I don’t see the vehicle veer onto our lane. My father slams the brakes. The cigarette drops to his lap. Yanked by my brother tight to his chest, he positions his hands over my face. We collide. The windshield explodes. There is screaming, a burning smell, until, finally, we stop moving. I am shaken, confused, and covered with blood; my brother’s lacerated forehead, cheeks, and fingers weep upon my blonde hair and striped top. Fast forward to the hospital: I watch my father gather himself beside the snack machine. When a nurse arrives with an update on my brother, I sneak away and wander up an empty corridor. I pass a corner and keep exploring, peeking into rooms, touching the gurneys and wheelchairs. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn to face a fresh-faced nurse, kneeling with a smile. For the first time that day, I cry. “You are lost and need to go back,” she says, gently taking me by the hand.”

Fans are trying to interpret what this story means. They’re wondering if it’s a story about Beth, and if she really does have a brother (since Uncle Steve was not really Uncle Steve, as we all can fondly remember.) Was Rick driving? Did Beth’s brother die? Did her mom die?

Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this story is actually a clue for the show at all. It’s not clear where the story originated, but it appears to be a 404 story that Adult Swim has used for other shows and projects too. Here it is for the never-finished Adult Swim Doom project. And here it is mentioned in September 2017 in conjunction with Rick and Morty. So this definitely isn’t new, and it’s been used before with projects not connected to Rick and Morty. So unless Adult Swim retcons the 404 page’s purpose, it’s likely nothing more than an interesting story that’s not connected with anything specific in the Rick and Morty universe. Do you agree with this assessment?

By the way, here’s another fun Easter egg that fans have noticed. Rick is wearing his seatbelt. So this definitely can’t be our C-137 Rick. What do you think is in the mysterious box that not-our-Rick opens at the end? Let us know in the comments below.