‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ Finale Spoilers & Live Recap

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Tonight is the finale of The Assassination of Gianni Versace and we have a full recap of the episode below, as the show airs live on the FX network. Read on for all the spoilers on the finale, in an episode titled “Alone”.

July 15, 1997 in Miami Beach, Florida is where the first scene opens, with Andrew Cunanan walking down the street on the day of the murder. In his red cap and sweat-soaked grey t-shirt, he approaches the Versace mansion as Gianni Versace tries to open his front gate with his keys. Cunanan walks up and shoots Versace in the face.

The next scene shows Cunanan breaking into a houseboat to hide. It’s night and Cunanan begins to make himself at home, as a news story on the Versace killing airs on television. As Cunanan becomes wrapped up in watching the coverage, he sees that he has been identified as a murder suspect. His face flashes on the screen and he gasps, “Oh my God.”

The show takes us to Tampa, Florida, with Marilyn Miglin, victim Lee’s wife, being approached by the FBI. The officers tell Miglin about her husband’s killer being the prime suspect in the Versace murder. It had been two months since her husband’s death and she becomes angry at the fact that Cunanan continues to kill. The FBI tells Miglin that they think it’s best she leave Florida, fearing that Cunanan may know she’s filming in Florida. Miglin refuses to run and hide from Cunanan, saying she has never missed a broadcast in her life. She was in the business of selling skin care and fragrances.

Cunanan awakens on the houseboat, hearing continued coverage of the Versace death and he learns that the police have discovered all of his killings, but the news doesn’t seem to phase him. Miglin is then shown speaking on the television, about the love she had for her husband. Cunanan dresses and leaves the houseboat. He begins to follow a woman, before he slyly steals a woman’s purse and car. Cunanan hits a police checkpoint and is forced to turn around, trying to find a way out of the area. He finds out that there are police checkpoints all over the island, looking for the Versace killer. It’s finally sunk in with Cunanan that he may have difficulty escaping and he becomes extremely upset.

His mother sits in her little apartment, glued to the TV, as the police come to her door. Her response is to ask them if they’ve killed her son. Cunanan retreats to the houseboat and finds out that the FBI has gotten to his mother. She has been taken into police custody. The police begin to question people who Cunanan has spent time with and knows.

Cunanan sneaks onto a docked boat and steals food, but he is interrupted by a woman, who is looking for the owner of the boat, a man named Guillermo. Cunanan hides and pulls out a gun, but the woman fearfully retreats, without seeing Cunanan. He goes back to the houseboat where he is staying and can see the woman with police in the distance.

Cunanan’s longtime female friend, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cote, is shown on television, telling the nation that her friend is not a violent person. She speaks out to Cunanan through the media, saying that the time has come to show the world what a kind person he truly is and that this situation must come to an end “peacefully”. Cunanan watches and appears moved. The hours pass and coverage continues, but Cunanan can no longer stand to watch.

The hours continue to pass and Cunanan’s resource have become increasingly limited. He resorts to eating dog food. Then he sees Miglin selling her products on the Home Shopping Network.

Cunanan hits up a payphone and calls his father Modesto in Manila. He cries to his dad, who says that he will fly out to him within 24 hours. Cunanan reveals his location to Modesto, who says that even though he may have outstanding charges from his past against him, he will come to help. Cunanan packs up his things and waits for his father’s arrival. While waiting, he sees his father being interviewed on television, telling the media that his son is innocent. He lies to the media and says Cunanan phones him regularly. He also says that the police will never catch his son and makes up a story about his son creating a movie about his life events with him. Enraged, Cunanan shoots the television.

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The next scene takes place on July 22, 1997, with Versace’s sister Donatella and Versace’s lover, Antonio D’Amico, speaking in confidence, on the day of Versace’s funeral. D’Amico says that he wants to retreat to one of Versace’s properties, in Lake Como, after the funeral, but Donatella says he must start a new life. She reveals that the company owns Versace’s houses, that everything belongs to the company. D’Amico cries that he loved Versace and that now that Versace is dead, he is just thrown away like a piece of trash.

Cunanan remains on the houseboat, watching footage from Versace’s star-studded funeral. Original footage from the funeral was incorporated, showing the late Princess Diana, Sting, and others in attendance.

Cunanan shaves his head after watching the funeral coverage. A man is shown speaking on the phone with someone, saying he’d “take care of it”. He then writes down the houseboat location, where Cunanan has been hiding out. He breaks into the houseboat and is armed with a gun. Cunanan fired off a warning shot and the man ran away. But, now, law enforcement caught on and soon surrounded the houseboat. The phone rings, as police helicopters hover overhead. Footage of the scene airs live on television and Cunanan’s father is shown watching from Manila.

He retreats to a bedroom and imagines he is sitting next to his younger self, who is sitting and smiling at the television screen. The police cut the power and the TV goes dead. Cunanan calmly sits on the bed, removes his eyeglasses and places a handgun in his mouth. He looks in the mirror and then pulls the trigger.

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The episode flashes back to the night that Cunanan hung out with Versace. Cunanan asks Versace if he thinks he could help him in fashion design. Passionately, Cunanan says that it feels like destiny. He tries to kiss Versace, but he is rejected. Versace tells Cunanan that he wants him to be inspired and that he is a very interesting person. Versace leaves him, telling him, “another night, another stage”.

Cunanan is shown dead in bed, on the houseboat, as the feds find him. A female officer says, “He’s just a boy.” His body is taken away and Miglin receives the news of Cunanan’s suicide. Miglin reveals to her co-worker that she’s been receiving letters from people she never knew, gushing about the good that her husband did for them when he was alive. He apparently helped many financially, as well as emotionally. Miglin wondered why he never told her, but said that she was very proud of him.

Versace’s brother and sister are shown together in Lake Como. Donatella reveals that on the morning their brother was killed, she ended a phone call annoyed with him for checking in on the fashion show she was working on. Because she was irritated, she ignored a phone call from him a half hour later. She begins to cry.

D’Amico is shown pouring out a bottle of pills onto a Versace plate and then throws them back, down his throat. It appears that he’s trying to kill himself. He then lays down in bed. Meanwhile, Donatella lights candles in front of a shrine to her brother. D’Amico is found on the floor by a maid, as Donatella is shown crying over the loss of her brother.

Andrew Cunanan’s name is shown on a plaque, on the wall of his single mausoleum crypt. His remains are shown being housed in an indoor mausoleum and he is surrounded by many others, who are buried in the walls. The camera shows that all the crypts look the same and all share the same space. Cunanan is no different. He isn’t special, something he always dreamed of being … The episode ends.

For those wondering if D’Amico lived or died, he did, indeed live, according to Refinery 29. After Versace’s death, D’Amico told The Guardian that he fell into a deep depression, but he did end up staying in Italy. He began designing and was supported by his friend, at the time, Elton John. D’Amico said that, although Versace will always be with him, he has tried to move on, and in 2005, he met his new partner. Today, he lives in Northern Italy and he says that The Assassination of Gianni Versace is a work of fiction, explaining that, “There has been so much written and said about the murder, and thousands of suppositions, but not a trace of reality.” The show has been based on true events, but is not a docuseries.

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