Tomb Raider 2018: Is There an End Credits Scene?

Tomb Raider Movie 2018

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Post-credits scenes have become a staple of blockbuster filmmaking thanks to their popularization in Marvel’s films. These scenes are usually designed to tease a future movie, wrap up a plot hole, or just put in a scene that didn’t fit with the main story. Enter the newest live-action video game movie, Tomb Raider, which aims to bring the famed Lara Croft back to the big screen. This is her first movie appearance since 2003 and the new film is clearly inspired by the rebooted video games.

If you are going to see Tomb Raider this week then make sure to stay because there is one scene after the title of the movie shows up. Once the cinematic credits start rolling you can leave because there is nothing after.

We won’t spoil what the last scene is about, but director Roar Uthaug did insert a nice nod to the older generation of Tomb Raider games. This scene doesn’t set up any big crossovers or tie-ins but instead is simply a nice easter egg for fans of the game series. However, if you have been paying attention to the trailers then you might already know what scene this is. Tomb Raider’s end-credits scene is only after the title and not the traditional, longer credits. The scene isn’t terribly long and if you’re in a rush it’s not important to the overall plot of the film.

For the unfamiliar, Tomb Raider centers around the daughter – named Lara Croft – of a missing adventurer and CEO of a powerful corporate empire. Lara is determined not to follow in her father’s footsteps and solve what happened to him. This leads her to a mysterious island off the coast of Japan that is inhabited by a dangerous organization dubbed Trinity. Now in danger, Lara must survive Trinity, uncover the mysterious tomb on the island, and figure out what happened to her father.

While this game isn’t directly following any of the main games, it’s clearly inspired by the new reboots. Lara’s design is largely the same and some set pieces are clearly homages to iconic moments within the first game in the rebooted series. Tomb Raider has a lot of pressure on it since the live-action video game movies have never been favorably received by critics. Despite films such as Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill, and Warcraft being generally viewed as okay, the genre is still missing a truly great film.

If you want to hear our own thoughts on Tomb Raider make sure to read our review of the film.

Tomb Raider is set to release on March 16. Make sure to visit Heavy for the latest in entertainment news, previews, and features.

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