Where Has Jesus Been on ‘The Walking Dead’? [Season 8 Episode 13]

AMC Jesus

Well, we finally got to see Jesus again on The Walking Dead tonight. But where has he been? What was he doing during Season 8 Episode 13, the newest episode to air this evening? This post will have spoilers for the newest episode below. 

Despite not seeing Jesus for a long time on The Walking Dead, it looks like he never went anywhere. He had a big disagreement with Maggie about what to do with the Savior prisoners, and he didn’t agree with a lot of her decisions. And he might have done some scavenging. But it appears that he’s back, he just has been staying in the shadows most of the time and out of Maggie’s way.

Fans finally got to see him tonight. We caught a few glimpses of him during the battle at The Hilltop with the Saviors, and then he had a few lines at the very end. So it looks like he didn’t take off and leave the community behind during his disagreement with Maggie. Here he is displaying some great fighting skills with Michonne:

Jesus cared so much about the prisoners, it would have only made sense for him to be keeping an eye on them tonight. But instead, Henry was able to sneak out, threaten to kill them, unlock the gate, and let them escape (all without being seen by Jesus or anyone else.)

But at least we got to see him fighting with Michonne, saving The Hilltop.

Some fans commented that Jesus is a great character in the comics, so we really need to see him more in the show. And that’s a good point. Jesus has been a great character in the TV series too. Tom Payne does a phenomenal job and he really deserves more screentime. The same can be said for Jerry, who is always a delight to watch but isn’t on the show nearly enough.

We just need more fight scenes with Jesus. That would be amazing.

Fans have been so worried about where Jesus has been, it looks like he could easily become a new fan favorite. The show needs to invest more time in the character, because he could quickly become just as popular as Daryl or Carol if he got enough screen time. Would you like to see more of Jesus on The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below.