Who Is the Villain on ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2? [SPOILERS]

Netflix has finally brought back Jessica Jones Season 2, and it couldn’t be too soon. The first season of the series was phenomenal, but fans have been worried that Season 2 might not be able to match it, particularly with Kilgrave being gone. So who is the villain for Season 2 of Jessica JonesThis post is going to have spoilers for the first five episodes of Jessica Jones Season 2, so only read on if you’ve already watched these or if you just can’t wait and you don’t mind being spoiled. 

Season 1 of Jessica Jones featured one of the best villains in all of TV history: Kilgrave. David Tennant did an amazing job in the role, and no one can possibly follow up that act. In fact, Jessica Jones‘ producers even said that Kilgrave was such an amazing villain that they knew they couldn’t possibly try to “replace” him. Instead, they need to tell a different story with a different focus.

This season, the villain on Jessica Jones is actually a little multi-faceted. Kilgrave is still haunting Jessica and affecting her everyday actions. She can’t get past snapping his neck and feeling like she’s some kind of vigilante killer rather than a hero.

Then there’s also the hooded figure who follows Trish around in the early episodes. Although intriguing, this person does not end up being the villain that you think they’ll be.

NetflixJessica Jones Season 2 Villian

Later on in the first five episodes, however, we are introduced to a villain who’s been killing other gifted people who have backgrounds similar to Jessica. Janet McTeer is playing that villain, and she does an amazing job. She’s first introduced in Episode 3 as “Dr. Leslie Hansen” and affiliated somehow with IGH. But we soon learn that name isn’t entirely accurate. We later learn that she wears high-quality wigs, which could be yet another clue to her powers and who she really is. While McTeer’s character mhe may not be Kilgrave, she certainly has an intriguing story that we’re still delving into come the end of Episode 5. In fact, McTeer’s character has superpowers herself and is very similar to Jessica Jones, but possibly even stronger. Her actions are going to cause Jessica to take a long, hard look at her own life and just how similar she is to a bonafide killer. She’ll need to make some serious changes after she finally gets to the bottom of McTeer’s intentions.

McTeer told Variety about her character: “I would describe her as very driven, very intense, very goal-oriented and very, very, very complicated.” So it looks like what you see may not necessarily be what you get when it comes to McTeer’s enigmatic character. The character’s neighbor certainly learned that when she visited with her baby and McTeer’s character had a breakdown when the baby wouldn’t stop crying. At the end of Episode 5, Jessica visits a janitor from IGH who is now committed for murder (but it’s strongly hinted that it may be a murder he didn’t really commit.) He talks about a Dr. Karl who used to take him to visit octopuses. Well, Jessica finds Dr. Karl — apparently he visits octopuses every day. And he’s there with McTeer’s character.

But there’s one additional villain in Season 2: IGH. This is the company who played a role in creating Jessica and turning her into the superhero that she is today. It’s unclear at this point how formidable IGH will be, but hopefully they will succeed on Jessica Jones where The Hand left viewers unsatisfied on Defenders. 

Janet McTeer is an accomplished actress. She received her first Oscar nomination in 2000 for Tumbleweeds. In 2012, she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Albert Nobbs. Her many other credits include appearing opposite Glenn Close on Damages, and starring in films including Tideland, Woman in Black, Maleficent, The Divergent Series, Me Before You, Wuthering Heights, and more. She’s definitely bringing a great deal of talent to her new role.

Although Kilgrave’s shadow will haunt not only Jessica, but every viewer who is comparing the new villain to him, McTeer is up to the task. It only remains to be seen how her character’s story plays out. Jessica had to face her greatest fears when dealing with Kilgrave, and she’ll now have to face her greatest weaknesses in Season 2.

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