Who Killed Henry’s Brother on ‘The Walking Dead’? Was Morgan Lying? [VIDEO]

TWD Henry

AMC Henry

Carol has been taking Henry under her wing on The Walking Dead (which may not be such a good thing considering her track record in that area.) But Henry has been obsessed with wanting to kill the Saviors and get revenge for his brother’s dead. Morgan finally addressed the issue on Season 8 Episode 11, but was he being honest? This post will have spoilers for Season 8 Episode 11 of The Walking Dead. 

Henry is obsessed with wanting to fight and see the Saviors die. In fact, he was the one who killed Gavin when Morgan was debating whether or not he should do it (and Carol and Ezekiel were telling him not to.) Henry feels this way because the Saviors killed his older brother, Benjamin. It’s understandable that he’s upset. Benjamin was pretty much his father figure because both their parents were dead. Now Henry’s the only member of his family left.

But when Morgan told Henry tonight that Gavin, the person he already killed, was the one who had murdered Benjamin, Morgan was lying. He was trying to free Henry from his obsession. In fact, the person who killed Benjamin was Jared. And Jared’s now locked up on The Hilltop. If Henry knew this, he would probably try to kill Jared in cold blood.

Here’s Benjamin’s death scene.

It was a tense situation all around when Benjamin died. Jared shot Benjamin cold and callously in the leg — and completely against his orders. Benjamin ultimately died from that leg injury, and Jared didn’t care.

TWD Jared


Jared’s locked up and he hasn’t shown any sign of being very interested in playing nice with The Hilltop people. In fact, he kept egging Maggie on in earlier episodes and making trouble. It’s surprising that he’s still alive, and his death wouldn’t be much of a loss.

Jared’s always mocked people. He once said to Morgan: “I’m trying to figure what’s different about you, because something’s definitely different… I think I finally got it! It’s your armor. That’s it, right? Smaller. Almost like it… like it shrunk, or something… oh shit… is that the kid’s? It is, isn’t it? Why the hell would you wear that? It didn’t do shit for him.”

In fact, Jared is pretty much a bully who takes pleasure in hurting other people. He was the one who took Morgan’s fighting stick. Gavin didn’t even really like Jared. Do you think that Morgan should have lied to Henry about what really happened to Benjamin? Let us know in the comments below.