Who Does Morgan Keep Seeing on ‘The Walking Dead’?


On Season 8 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead tonight, Morgan kept hallucinating (which reminded some viewers a little of the time when Rick kept hallucinating seeing Lori.) Who was it that Morgan kept seeing? This post has spoilers for tonight’s episode. 

The person that Morgan kept hallucinating was Gavin. Gavin is the man that Morgan was debating about killing in a previous episode. Killing him in cold blood might have meant a big turning point for Morgan, who seems to keep alternating between his insane “clear” self and the side of him that is a pacifist. But before Morgan could decide what to do, Henry killed Gavin instead.

Henry is obsessed with wanting to fight and see the Saviors die. Henry feels this way because the Saviors killed his older brother, Benjamin. It’s understandable that he’s upset. Benjamin was pretty much his father figure because both their parents were dead. Now Henry’s the only member of his family left.

But when Morgan told Henry in a previous episode that Gavin, the person he already killed, was the one who had murdered Benjamin, Morgan was lying. He was trying to free Henry from his obsession. In fact, the person who killed Benjamin was Jared. And Jared’s now locked up on The Hilltop. If Henry knew this, he would probably try to kill Jared in cold blood.

This is a developing story. We will update with more details about Morgan’s hallucinations later tonight.