POLL: Who Was the Worst Character on ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2? Was It Trish?

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A lot of fans are feeling quite a bit of angst and melancholy after finishing Season 2 of Jessica Jones. (So of course, this post is going to have MAJOR SPOILERS through the finale of Jessica Jones Season 2.) In the end, every single character was majorly  messed up and made some pretty terrible decisions. But many fans seem to be hating on Trish the most of all. Do you think any of the characters were truly redeemable? And do you agree with many fans who think that Trish was the root of many of the problems that other characters had in Season 2? After you read this story, take our poll at the end and let us know which character you think was the worst of all in Season 2, in terms of decision-making and choices. 

Pretty much every single character in Season 2 of Jessica Jones was seriously messed up. In fact, this felt like a season wholly about bad decisions. No one was completely redeemable and everyone kept making decisions that messed up other people’s lives. In the end, there wasn’t a true villain because each character ended up being their own worst enemy.

In some ways, Malcolm might have been the best of them all. He fell into drugs again, but quickly bolted right back out. (But was he really with his parents during the time that he went missing?) He kept trying to help Jessica, even when she kept pushing him away and treating him terribly. He did betray Jessica at the end, but at least he truly thought he was helping her (and he allowed himself to be manipulated by Trish.)

Surprisingly, Jeri was the second-best character this season. Her desperation for a cure to her terminal illness made her more human. Fans were actually rooting for her at the end. Overall she’s not an honorable character, but this season — in many ways — she made the most understandable decisions considering her situation. And when she found out she was betrayed, her pain was heart-wrenching.

Inez was pretty despicable. She took advantage of someone who was dying. Enough said there.

Jessica’s mom Alisa was incredibly dark, but at least she was trying. She did absolutely terrible things (like killing Whizzer, killing Jessica’s boyfriend, tearing apart the person who stole from Jessica, and killing the police officer.) You can’t excuse her actions; she should face punishment for it. But she also is brain damaged. She was in a coma for five years after a car accident. She’s impulsive and has major outbursts of anger, which mimic severe TBI symptoms pretty closely. And she disassociates when she goes into a rage and no longer has control. So she’s awful, but it’s not by her choice. She shouldn’t be free, but maybe she shouldn’t be hated too much either. (Except kidnapping Jessica was a terrible thing to do.)

Trish’s mom, Dorothy, is narcissistic and always just looking out for herself. She let her own daughter be raped so she could get ahead in the film business. And although she raised Jessica, she treats her like she’s a second-hand “not real” family member who deserves no loyalty or love.

Dr. Karl‘s good vs. bad scale depends on your perspective. He was experimenting on people illegally. But he did leave IGH as soon as he felt like they were no longer working for the betterment of humanity. He saved Jessica’s life and Alisa’s. Alisa suffered terrible side effects, but she would have been dead otherwise.

Jessica is a messed up person who treats her friends terribly. She’s awful to Malcolm, and even when she starts to improve, she slides back to being awful pretty quickly. She’s depressed and lashing out, and her actions are pretty in line with that. But she doesn’t see much character growth. She hates herself, so she hates Dr. Karl for saving her life. I’m betting that Kilgrave messed her up pretty severely, and that’s why she’s stuck in this state of self-hate and severe depression.

Trish has been terrible to people and only looking out for herself. It’s up to the viewer to decide if she was right to kill Jessica’s mom. But she betrayed Malcolm, hit him in the head, and locked him in a trunk just so she could get to Dr. Karl. She wanted powers so desperately that she was willing to do whatever it took to get them. She broke up with her boyfriend just because she was jealous that he was doing better in his career than she was. She couldn’t stand that Jessica had powers and she didn’t. Yes, it’s very possible that many of Trish’s actions were due to the enhancers she was taking and some resulting brain damage. And her actions are very in line with an addict’s, who betrays friendships and may regress severely just to get another fix. In the end, you can blame Trish for a lot of what happened. Jessica was going to help Karl escape, but Trish stopped all that. Her mom would be alive and Karl would too if Trish hadn’t interfered.

So which character do you think was the worst in Season 2? This isn’t in terms of writing or acting, this poll is about a character’s decisions and motivations and actions. Let us know in the poll below.

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