Adam Levine’s Wife Behati Prinsloo Is Mom-Shamed for Breastfeeding at Coachella

Adam Levine Wife Behati Prinsloo


Adam Levine and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, have two young daughters together. First daughter, Dusty Rose, was born on September 21, 2016, while the couple’s other baby girl, Gio Grace, was born on February 15, 2018. Recently, Prinsloo received backlash online when she posted a photo of herself pumping breastmilk at Coachella on her Instagram page. While appearing to be pumping milk from her breasts, Prinsloo captioned the photo with, “#pumpanddump. More like cowchella lol Jamiroquai was soooo worth the pump and dump.” Pump and dump is a common term for women, who are nursing, to pump out some of their milk and then throw it away, after indulging in some drinking. This way, their baby will not take in any alcohol, according to The Bump. Moms who pump and dump are “dumping” to get rid of the “bad milk”. They then must wait until enough time has passed for the alcohol or drugs they consumed to make its way out of their system.

According to People, Prinsloo attended Coachella to see the British funk and jazz band Jamiroquai. After posting the photo, some of the commenters had kind words to say, while others criticized Prinsloo. One Instagram follower called “vanfitmama” commented that, “You don’t have to pump and dump! Alcohol isn’t stored in breastmilk – hand express if you’re uncomfortable, then wait until sober to nurse. #educateyourself,” while another simply wrote, “Trashy.”

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There were also a ton of Instagram followers who defended Prinsloo against the negativity and haters. One user, named Kristen Shaban, wrote, “Its her milk to dump if she wants to! She doesn’t have to explain herself.” Another commenter, named Paige Haas, stated that, “I heard you were mommy shamed for this so I followed you in support of being able to make your own choices regarding your body, your baby, and your milk!!” Other followers also commented that just because Prinsloo was “pumping and dumping,” it didn’t necessarily mean she was doing it only so she could drink alcohol. One fan wrote that, “There’s no shame in that. Pumping to eliminate milk is necessary to prevent breasts from swelling. I remember the time when my breasts became engorged with milk and i couldn’t breastfeed my baby. It was more painful than actually giving birth.”

So many mothers in the entertainment industry are mommy-shamed. Previously, mom Fergie told People that, “The men can have all the careers in the world and still have children, but if you’re a mom and you have a career, it’s the mommy shaming. ‘You can’t do that anymore, you’re a mom!’ … What am I supposed to do? I love singing and dancing. It’s who I am as a human.”

Currently, Prinsloo appears to be taking time off from modeling as she takes on motherhood to two little girls. Meanwhile, her husband, Adam Levine, is performing with his longtime band Maroon 5 and is currently a coach on season 14 of The Voice. This week, Levine and his band will perform on the Tuesday, April 24, 2018 results show. According to UPI, Maroon 5 will be performing their song “Wait”. On the rest of the episode, the top 12 will be narrowed down to the top 11.