Are Althea & John Dorie from ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ in TWD Comics?


Tonight during the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, two new characters were introduced: Althea the journalist and John Dorie, the pacifist romantic. Morgan tried to avoid getting too involved with these two, but fate kept intervening and now they’re traveling together. But is either of the new characters in The Walking Dead comics at all?

Like most of the other characters in the Fear universe, Althea and John are not in The Walking Dead comics. This is great for fans, because it means the writers have a clean slate and can pretty much do whatever they want with the show. There’s no pre-existing plot to follow, and no one who is watching the show is going to already have an idea of what to expect because of comic storylines.

The same is true for other characters on Fear. Madison, Nick, Alicia, Victor…none of them are in The Walking Dead comics either. Yes, in the comics there are some characters with the same first name, but these are different characters entirely. There’s a Nicholas in the comics, for example, who lived in Alexandria, but he has no relation to Nick from Fear. 

In the future, The Walking Dead may steer more into this style of writing that fans of Fear have grown to love, due to some major changes TWD made this season that steered it away from the comics. But having a storyline with no comic to follow is pretty much a tradition for Fear viewers.

In fact, the only major character who is also in the comics is Morgan. But his story has also diverged completely from the comics. Only keep reading at this point if you’re OK with seeing spoilers from TWD comics.

In the comic universe, Morgan is already dead. In fact, his story is very different. In the comics, he and Michonne had a romantic connection. In Issue 81, Morgan is bitten by a zombie while protecting Alexandria. Michonne amputates his arm with her katana. Carl is guarding Morgan to see if he will be OK or if he will turn. Morgan gets a fever that causes him to hallucinate and mistake Carl for his dead son Duane. He ultimately dies from a zombie bite.

So in TWD, they let Morgan live instead of killing him off. This freed his narrative to allow him to join the new storyline on Fear, free of any comic entanglements.