What Is Bendigo on ‘Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures’?

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After the premiere of an April Fool’s Rick and Morty parody special called Bushworld Adventures, many fans are wanting to get more information about Bendigo.  According to the episode synopsis: “On this episode of the critically acclaimed show Bushworld Adventures, now celebrating its 10th season, we join our hero’s Reek and Mordi as they seek out the mysterious Green Cube of Bendigo. Will they succeed?” Bendigo is a city in Victoria, Australia. Read on to learn more about it.

Google searches for Bendigo skyrocketed when the episode was released. As one friend of Michael Cusack wrote, “(he) has single handedly saved the Bendigo tourism scene.”

Yes, in case you were wondering, Bendigo is a real place and you can visit any time you want. Bendigo is about 150 kilometers (93 miles) northwest of Melbourne, Australia. It has a population of 95,587 as of June 2016, and it’s the fourth-largest inland city in Australia.

As a fun history note, Bendigo became a significant boomtown in Australia when gold was discovered in its soil in the 1850s. It grew from a small sheep station to a major settlement because of the discovery. In fact, Bendigo was the highest-producing goldfield in 19th century Australia, and the largest gold mining economy in eastern Australia. Today it’s the largest finance center in Victoria outside of Melbourne.

Bendigo has a handy tourism site that can tell you a lot about visiting the city. The site describes Bendigo this way: “With the gusto of a gold-seeking miner, the people who live here are creating fascinating products, services and stories that add to the richness of the region’s boom time past. It is an ever-changing feast to be explored.” Bendigo has everything from car rallies to sports to food and wine events. It’s also the home to Australia’s longest continuous festival, the Bendigo Easter Festival.

Things haven’t been so fun in Bendigo for the last day or so, however. Bendigo residents were put on alert today and urged to stay indoors, closing windows and doors and turning off their AC, because of a biological hazard, News.com.au reported. The warning was for residents on Holdsworth, Castle, and Bannister streets near the Parmalat factory. A warning read: “Do not enter the area — it is extremely dangerous. Anyone located in the area must move inside immediately.” The warning was later downgraded to a “Watch and Act” and was believed to be localized to a very specific area. It’s not known yet what caused the threat.

Aside from this, Bendigo is usually a pretty calm place to visit. And it’s entertaining to think that it was the central point of a Rick and Morty special today. Many people hadn’t heard of Bendigo until they saw the episode.