‘Deadliest Catch’ 2018 Premiere & Cast Spoilers

Tonight isn’t just the season 14 premiere of Deadliest Catch— it’s also the show’s 200th episode. Captain Keith Colburn and Captain Sig Hansen are back with the rest of the Deadliest Catch crew for what has been promised to be an exciting season. In the words of Discovery, this season will bring with it “injuries and Coast Guard rescues stacking up at alarming rates.”

Speaking on Build Series NYC recently, the captains dished on one of the most traumatic events of the season, with Capt. Sig saying, “It’s about as real as you’re gonna get, I think, what he has to go through and the people that went through it.”

So what goes down this season? What is Sig referring to? Read on to find out, but beware of spoilers.

A Deckhand Falls Overboard

For the first time in his 40-year career, a deckhand falls overboard on Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski’s boat. Speaking about the incident, Bill says, “You prepare for this every day as a captain, every day as a deckhand, and I’ll just give you this one little bit… The incident had happened, I went, ‘No way. That didn’t happen. I just didn’t see that, did I?’ And I did.”

Describing the situation in more detail, Sig offered, “[Bill] has a crew member that goes in the water. He knew him as a child, and now he’s responsible for him, and then Bill’s watching this guy literally dying, and you’ve only got a few minutes. It’s in the Bering Sea, what do you got? Ten minutes before hypothermia sets in, and then you’re done.”

Josh Harris & the Cornelia Marie Return

And for those of you missing Capt. Josh Harris; have no fear: he and Casey McManus will be back on the Cornelia Marie. In an interview with Yahoo recently, McManus admitted he hasn’t watched the show since his father, Capt. Phil Harris, passed away.

News that the two would be returning broke in October. Josh also dished a bit about why he wasn’t on the show in season 13. The Inquisitr reports him as saying, “I had a lot of family issues going on. I had [multiple] people in ICU at the same time, and that put a kibosh on things — I had to be home. Going to visit everybody in ICU isn’t exactly a fun time or stuff that necessarily needs to be filmed.”

What else can we expect? According to Discovery’s synopsis of this season, the temperature in the water has risen once again, making it even harder to locate quality crab. Luckily, some state-of-the-art upgrades on the boats may help some of the captains reach their goals. Unfortunately, things don’t go well for Capt. Sean Dwyer’s Brenna A, which was hit by a wave and resulted in $30,000 of damages.

Be sure to check out the season 14 premiere of Deadliest Catch, tonight, at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery.