Does Dwight Die in ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics?

AMC Dwight

What happened to Dwight in The Walking Dead comics? Did he die? This post will contain spoilers for the comics, but it will not contain spoilers for The Walking Dead finale or Season 9. 

In the comics, Dwight does not die. In fact, he’s still very much alive and has an even greater leadership role than ever before. Not only did he survive All Out War in the comics, but he also betrayed Negan by not shooting Rick with a poisoned arrow like Negan had ordered him to do during a battle. (This is reminiscent of when Dwight did not kill Tara because he shot her with an arrow that wasn’t tainted on the TV series.)

In the comics, Dwight took over Negan’s place and led the Saviors for over two years. But he eventually resigned and left the group. At one point in the comics, he even challenged Rick’s leadership and seemed to always find himself being the person at odds with everyone else. After the time skip in the comics, he became more emotional and self-deprecating, showing little concern for other people. When he left the Saviors, he didn’t really care about making sure they were stable after his departure.

But just how much Season 9 of The Walking Dead will deviate from the comics in terms of storylines and character development remains to be seen. Things are going to have to change pretty significantly, however, now that Carl has died. In the comics, he played a major role with an upcoming enemy, and comic readers were pretty upset when the show killed him off because of that. There’s just no way that little Henry can come close to replacing Carl in that storyline (and let’s hope the show doesn’t try to do that.)

The show also introduced a new character that doesn’t have a perfect match in the comics. Georgie is the character in Episode 12 who gave Maggie the book with blueprints of technology that could help them rebuild society at the Hilltop. Georgie does not appear to be identical to another character in The Walking Dead comics, there’s no other character with her name, and her arrival might be breaking new ground in the series. However, some fans think that she might be a slightly revised version of a character who recently appeared in the comics named Pamela Milton. Spoilers for the comics through Volume 30 below. 

Pamela Milton first appears in Issue 176 of The Walking Dead, and she’s the Governor of a group called The Commonwealth. She’s part of Volume 30: A New World Order. This is actually a brand new storyline just started by the comics. The Commonwealth is focused on restoring society, but it’s hiding some secrets. Milton, for example, has a son and uses the Commonwealth’s military to follow him on dates that go past the city walls. Pamela seems stern, but she’s also compassionate. The comics haven’t revealed much about Pamela’s character. So if The Walking Dead is basing Georgie on Pamela, then comic readers won’t have too much of an advantage over TV viewers for once.

In summary, the introduction of Georgie and the death of Carl pretty much put the show’s entire storyline in flux. We can’t predict how closely Season 9 will follow the comics, if at all.