‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Time Jump? When Is It in TWD Timeline? [SPOILERS]


Fans who were waiting for answers to cliffhanger questions left in the Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 finale will get those answers, but not in the way they expected. The season premiere of Season 4 and Morgan’s crossover has left quite a few fans wondering exactly when Fear the Walking Dead falls within The Walking Dead‘s timeline. How can Morgan fit in the timeline if Fear is so far behind The Walking DeadThis post has spoilers for the Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 premiere, but it will not have spoilers for The Walking Dead finale, only theories. 

Fear the Walking Dead has historically been a prequel for The Walking Dead. But leaked spoilers about the Season 4 premiere have revealed that the show is going to have a major time jump. Season 4’s premiere will take place two years after where we left off on the Season 3 finale. Morgan will have to travel all the way to Texas, where he joins the Fear universe. Technically, this will place Fear slightly ahead of where The Walking Dead is when the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead premieres. Some fans are hoping that TWD will have a time jump at the end of the finale or at the beginning of Season 9, since that would shake things up a bit and bring some freshness to the series, but it’s not known if that’s going to happen. If it did happen, then Fear would resume being a prequel in The Walking Dead universe.

The leak about the two year time jump for Fear comes partially from a season premiere episode summary that was leaked by Fear: The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook. You can read the entire summary hereFear‘s time jump is a practical way to allow Morgan to join the Fear universe without having to shoehorn him into the storyline in some type of unbelievable way.

Prior to the Season 4 premiere, Fear fell in solidly as a prequel in The Walking Dead timeline. It’s tough to know exactly where it landed, but we have some good hints. We know that the pilot of Fear took place to coincide with the beginning of the global outbreak. We also know that in The Walking Dead, Rick woke up about four to five weeks after the outbreak, according to Robert Kirkman. In fact, showrunner Dave Erickson said that Fear started right around the time Rick was shot and fell into a coma.

By the end of the first half of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, we were getting “very close” to the time that Rick woke up in Georgia, Erickson said. So by the end of Season 3 of Fear, we should be right around the time that Rick’s waking up or even past that point. In fact, one Fear the Walking Dead fan posted on Reddit three months ago that we were right at the time that Rick was waking up, according to their calculations. According to the fan’s timeline, the day that Madison offered to go with Troy to investigate the outpost was around Day 41.