‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Title Cards: Season 4 Intro Videos & Clues

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During the wrap-up show Talking Dead, after the shocking end to Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3, fans learned an interesting hint. A story is being told through the Fear the Walking Dead title cards, and it’s a story that won’t be fully revealed until the season is finished.

First, just in case you weren’t sure, the title card is shown after the opening sequence but before the first act in a television show. So, in the case of Fear, the title card is the animation shown as the title of the series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” comes onto the screen. (In some TV shows, the title card is a little different and refers to the sequence where the episode title is shown on the screen.)

Here are each of the title cards for the first three episodes. The story that’s being told isn’t readily apparent, as it seems to closely align to each episode itself. The first one shows someone standing in the dark (likely John Dorie.) The second episode title card shows a small caravan in the early morning, which seems to be the caravan arriving at Madison’s stadium community. And the third seems to be a little later in the day, and it just shows bluebonnets blooming. Each sequence takes place in the same location, which might be relevant later on in the series.

Here’s the title card for episode one. As mentioned before, this appears to be John Dorie next to his fire, as seen in the first episode.

VideoVideo related to ‘fear the walking dead’ title cards: season 4 intro videos & clues2018-04-30T01:53:59-04:00

And here is the title card for episode two. This appears to be the Vultures’ RV caravan driving in the distance, past where we previously saw John Dorie at night.

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 4 – Official Intro (Episode 4.02)The intro for Episode 4.02 – 'Another Day in the Diamond', the same as the previous episode, but now set during the daytime instead of night – it's likely that each episode will feature a different variant of the intro! Fear the Walking Dead belongs to AMC, no copyright infringement intended2018-04-23T14:12:36.000Z

And here is the title card for episode three. The quality on this one isn’t great and will be replaced when a higher quality title card is available. This title card (and all the rest) can be watched in higher quality on AMC’s website. The third title card shows the flowers that Nick and Madison found (bluebonnets, which are common in that part of Texas this time of year.) This is also in the same location as the previous two title cards.

These title cards are clues that the showrunners are wanting us to study more closely throughout the season. But what story are they telling? Maybe the cards are telling the story of John Dorie and his lost love. Or maybe the story will become more relevant once we realize the location that is being shown.

As we’ve learned after tonight’s episode, pretty much anything is possible in the world of Fear the Walking Dead. 

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